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Selling/Buying Preferences: Blank or Face-up? Owner pics purchases?

Jan 16, 2018

    1. When purchasing a doll secondhand, do you prefer them to be blank & in mint condition or do you prefer one with a face-up especially if it's from an artist you like or you like that look/style? Does having face-up/clothes on a doll you're looking for increases or decreases the amount you're willing to pay for it? Would that answer be the same if it was a faceup/clothes from the company?

      When selling do you usually sell your doll as-is, face-up and all, or do you usually wipe everything down and sell them blank? If you've done both which ones do you feel like sells quicker?

      Have you ever come across a sales post and wanted to or ended up purchasing the doll because of the face-up/outfit...etc.? Have you ever ended up purchasing a doll impulsively due to someone's photos of their doll(s)?

      I like going through sales post and looking through what's out there in the secondhand market and although I want to stick to my wishlist sometimes a doll would make me waver due to someone else's photos of them; regardless of if they're blank or otherwise. A good example would be I was meh when I first saw DollZone's LouLou but then after I saw owner photos of them, the next thing I knew she was in my cart and I was checking out :lol: lol
    2. Depend. I love to give my dolls my own style which is easier and cheaper if you buy it without a face up of course. If i really love the face up i would buy it too of course. But ya i prefer blank or with artist face up.
      And i never bought a doll because of the outfit or something. But it happened that i ended up not buying a doll\head because they only showed the head with the face up and not blank!
    3. I prefer buying blank and a faceup will not get me to pay more for a doll. I like doing faceups myself, so I'll very likely end up wiping the doll anyway. Clothes might get me to pay more if it is a set I really want.

      When selling myself I try to base the price on the doll, clothing/wigs/eyes I send with the doll is just extra that doesn't add to the selling price. Sometimes when the doll has very expensive shoes etc that I'm not that eager to part with I might sell them as an extra addon for a small fee. Faceups do not add to the price and I usually wipe the doll unless the buyer prefers me not to.
    4. Tough one. The fully done pictures made me what them the most but you need to fall in love with the blank doll first I think. You may never be able to get it as perfect as the picture so you can wind up disappointed. I like getting face up already done on mine though.
    5. I typically prefer them to be blank because most often, I'm trying to shell one of my OCs and will be painting them myself. If they already have a faceup, it's harder to imagine the blank face and how I could make it look. Mint condition usually isn't important to me, I don't mind a little yellowing or sometimes even very minor damage, like tiny scratches or chips I could hide or fix easily. I have never found a company faceup that fits my tastes, and it's rare I like artist faceups. They can be beautiful, but just not what I'm looking for, and so I won't pay extra for the faceup, usually I want to pay less because I'll have to go through the hassle of wiping the doll entirely and worrying about if it has any staining under the faceup and if proper materials were used for it. As for clothes, I've never seen a fullset that I really wanted to buy, most are too fancy or fantasy for my tastes. I might pay extra on a secondhand doll if they came with clothes I really like and will use.

      I've sold dolls both blank and with faceup, and it's all chance as to which sells fastest. I've had people ask me to wipe faceups for them, and I've had people ask me to redo a faceup I had already wiped to list. It seems to be about a 50/50 chance of a buyer wanting a faceup or not.

      I have bought a doll because a faceup highlighted the features of a sculpt I liked, but even then, I still wiped the faceup and started over. I have bought dolls because they had clothes/extras that made the purchase worth it to me, but in that case, the doll was already cheaper than new, and the clothes were free with it, so it's not like I was paying hundreds extras for clothes. I probably would not have done that, unless the doll was exactly what I wanted and had been looking for, with the exact clothing I wanted.
    6. Oof...I'm in the minority here, but I'll chime in. I buy dolls with full face-ups only. There are incredible airbrush artists out there who make me fall in love with their work. I really respect those who are willing to do their own face-ups, though.
      Keep up the good work!
    7. Would you still be interested in a doll/head if they showed you a photo of their doll blank from before they put a face-up on it?

      What kind of clothing style do you like? Also that's really awesome that the extras are just extras as I've seen some sell posts where the extras do cost an addition fee.

      When I see company photos they always look so eternal and perfect! I'm glad companies now post blank photos as well but I think not every company does this still which makes it difficult to see if I like it without them being done up.

      That makes sense since you shell out your dolls to a certain look with the faceup/clothes so you prefer them blank. As for purchasing a doll with a faceup you like did you like kept them for a while with that faceup or after a couple of months, wanted a change or shelled them thus wiping it?

      Oh! So when you purchase from companies you add on the faceup or is this second hand dolls only?
    8. Most times, I end up wiping it and changing it. I currently have 18 dolls and only one has a faceup that isn’t by me. I really love it, but I’ve had him for four years and it’s slightly damaged so I’m going to attempt a similar look myself instead of commissioning someone. Most times, if I don’t do it myself, I don’t bond as much and I feel more like I’m borrowing someone else’s doll or ideas than having my own. I have even sold dolls because they had a beautiful artist faceup that didn’t fit my character but was too beautiful to wipe it.
    9. Personally, I enjoy purchasing heads which already have awesome faceups by a talented artists.
      But I don't mind to do it the opposite way when I really want a sculpt.
    10. @JellysFancy : If they would show the head blank, yes. It is just hard to think of "what can i do " if they are just showing it with the face up on. For example Fairyland, they just show the limited heads with face up and almost every time i have NO idea what somebody can do with the mold.....which is really sad...i think they (or companies in general) would sale more if they showed the head blank from the start on.
      And if the head comes with the face up, and i can see what the blank head looks like(and i fell for it) absolutely ya i would buy it.
    11. Yes, JellysFancy, I add face-ups to my order for new dolls and I buy second-hand dolls with face-ups. Many people who do their own face-ups are quite talented.
    12. Buying: preferably blank and naked since stylistic taste is so subjective—much prefer a commission of my own choosing. Doll must be in reasonable condition for its age. Would have to be one hell of a stunning faceup for me to buy and never wipe, honestly.

      Selling: I've always sold my dolls as-is with all of their original box inclusions. Usually throw in whatever eyes I gave them, too, since sizing tends to be particular.
    13. I absolutely would prefer buying blank because one of the biggest reasons I do this is to do faceups ^_^ so, I'd rather not pay for the faceup addition since I'm going to be wiping it off anyway. However, if I really really want the doll, I would still buy it even if it had the faceup if there wasn't a blank alternative at the time. I tend to want less common dolls though so it's more of a problem for me not to find the dolls I want unless I wait a long time.

      I've never bought from the secondhand market (as I'm still a newbie) so this is all speculation but this is how I feel I would think of it.
    14. Blank and mint condition if possible! But i'm rather picky with my sculpts, so the ones I'm looking for will unlikely be in mint condition
    15. It depends on the sculpt. If I have a very specific idea of what I want the doll to look like I'd prefer a blank head, but I've also purchased heads with faceups I loved from the seller's photos. As long as the faceup was done in a professional manner and it fit the bill I'd definitely be interested.
    16. I prefer blank, partially because some people charge extra for a faceup they had commissioned, but mostly because I prefer doing the thought of doing my own, so it makes it a little easier on me to not have to wipe the faceup that's been left on the doll. As for clothes....ehhh, they're not important to me (I've got dolls coming in that might be hard to clothe) but they wouldn't make or break a deal for me, personally. Charging extra for a faceup I'll wipe in the end? That does
    17. i bought mine with a faceup that I absolutely love (since i cant imagine the blank face how it'd look like at all) so i'm really thankful for its well-done faceup, and a sculpt that just fits my aesthetic
      i personally have a hard time imagining the faceup that I want for a custom character so I would mostly prefer it have faceup on
    18. I prefer buying them with face-ups.

      If I don't like it, I can always wipe it and put something else on it, but there are so many lovely face-ups out there already that it seems mostly like a waste of money to me.

      I think I've only changed one of my non-blank purchases to a different face-up.
    19. For my perfect doll, I would prefer an artist face up. I can screw up practice dolls forever. I have an airbrushing set I bought with a Monster Mask clay fullset sculpting kit. I still haven't used it because my sculpting seems so crude.
    20. I prefer faceups but it won't deter me. (Even if I wind up having said faceup wiped a few weeks/months/years down the line)