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Selling Dolls Given as Gift - Giving the Gift of a Doll

Mar 1, 2011

    1. I am not sure precisely what I'm really looking at here, but I want to hear opinions ans get some debate going.

      If someone were to give you a doll as a gift-- for christmas, brithday, you know as presents, no matter the expense of the doll from volks to bobobie. Is it safe and okay to sell that doll later (I know an infamous is it ok question) and what kind of emotions would you feel in that case. Bad? Good? Nervous? What if they found out and were angry? or maybe they didn't care?

      on the flip side. What if you were to give adoll to someone as a gift whether it be expensive or not or be their first doll or 20th doll. Would you be okay with them selling that doll, one that you obviously had to think about before you bought it, one that you saved for knowing it's price and knowing it was for someone else, maybe someone special. How would you feel about it. Is it an okay thing to do would you feel betrayed.

      There are so many questions I could just throw into this, but anyways, if this thread has been discussed, or belongs in the general discussion thread rather than here feel free to move/lock/delete/report this thread, just please tell me where to go to find it! ^w^
    2. In terms of the first question (if you were the seller of the doll) then I'd have to say it's entirely dependent on the reason for selling. I have been given a couple of dolls as gifts (or money as gifts towards dolls) and, yes, I did sell some of them. I did feel a bit apprehensive doing so but as I was selling them either because I felt the doll needed a better home where it would be loved more and used the money to buy a doll that received the care and appreciation I feel a gift deserves or to pay bills/whatever which are a necessity... that feeling passed quickly. (Damn that was a long sentence, I hope it makes sense.) If the person who gave me the doll was upset/angry at me for either preventing myself from going into debt or wanting to appreciate their gift at a more appropriate level then I have to admit I'd be pretty upset/angry myself as they clearly miss the whole purpose of giving someone a gift - and in any case I make it quite clear to everyone that my dolls are the first to go when I need money because they are the ones able to give me the largest amount of income if required. I'm not going to keep a pretty lump of resin around when I need to pay my rent - it won't do me any good when I get evicted :lol:

      As a result, my answer to your second question is clear: I would not have a problem at all if someone sold a doll I gave them as a gift. In the end bills etc are more important, and if the recipient feels that the money I spent on the gift could be spent on something they would enjoy more then I'm happy for them to sell the item and use the money to buy themselves something that they will love and cherish the way I intended. There's only a certain amount of definition you can get when buying dolls, I know that I've often bought a doll I thought I was utterly in love with and then gone on to sell it months (or weeks) down the line when I realise that... actually... I don't love it as much as I thought I did. So if someone were to say to me "I really love <xyz doll> they are my dream doll that I would love to own forever and ever" and I take it upon myself to buy them said doll (and I would only do so if they're a really close friend, I don't have so much disposable income that I can afford to drop hundreds of dollars on dolls for just anyone, lol! :lol:) and then some time down the line they realise that the doll they loved so much just isn't right for them... Well I would hate for them to feel guilted into keeping the doll, especially if that extra money could potentially bring home another doll that they do love.

      The only time I'd object is if someone were to coerce me into buying them a doll (I am a complete pushover :XD:) just so they could sell the doll for the money afterwards and piss it up the wall, scuse my language. That would make me cross, as dolls rarely sell for the original amount paid and I'd prefer someone just to ask me to give them some money. I'd probably say no, of course, but I'd rather they were honest! :lol:

      I just can't think of any occasion where anyone I'd actually be likely to buy a doll for would upset or anger my through selling a doll I'd buy for them. They all know that an expensive gift like that from me isn't frivolous, so if they decided to sell it would be a well thought out decision :)

      Sorry for the tl;dr post :sweat
    3. To be honest, I would be quite offended if someone sold a doll that I gave to them. After all, those babies are expensive D; which means I spend a long time finding one that they would like, AND that I could afford. Plus, dolls are more personal to me than clothes or a bag.
      ... I would expect them to keep the doll.
      If I bought them a part they wanted, I would see them keeping that part...
      I would also ask for explanation and would probably forgive them for a good one, yet kind of have a hole. Unsatisfied is close the the feeling? Still angry deep down in the gut?
      If they were going bankrupt, instead of selling the doll, I would prefer they come to me for help.
      If they wanted to buy a different sculpt... it's complicated.
      I would also want them to tell me. I want to make sure it goes to a loving owner.

      If I had given them MONEY for a DOLL, then it wouldn't matter what they did with that doll. They can keep/sell, etc as long as it's reasonable. Now if they turned around and used that money for something else, I'd be angry [ie, one month later lose the doll hobby and spend it on games; or ie selling the doll a week after receiving to get some manga; or ie, tell me it's for a doll then use it on make-up].

      Now as for SELLING a doll... I wouldn't do that. I would probably switch parts around, but keep the main part of the doll that was special/their reason for getting me THAT.
      Whether it be the face or body.
      If I truly disliked it, then I wouldn't tell them. I'd probably grow into it... and again, switch around parts.
      I would also make sure they go to someone loving.
      As for money... I'd have to keep the doll for a while. Like, a couple of years to satisfy my "sponsor". And appreciate it-- play with it.
    4. If I gave someone a doll, and they sold it, I'd be okay with that, I think... if they at least kept it awhile to see if they could bond with it, because I know the feeling of not always bonding, and sometimes it's just not the doll for you. I'd want them to buy a different doll with the money they got from selling it, though.

      But, if I were to buy someone a doll, I'd probably ask them which molds they wanted, not just surprise them with some random doll I liked, so they'd probably like the mold to begin with.

      If someone gave me a doll that I wasn't so into, I'd keep it awhile to try, maybe get it a diff. faceup, and if it's still a no-go, I'd sell it, but be sure to use all the money on another doll.
    5. I was really lucky to be given a doll recently by someone on DoA, because I had most of my dolls stolen (see signature). I was so touched and thrilled, and I love the doll. I would never sell her--that seems like bad juju to me, and not polite (plus, y'know, I love the doll--it was a sculpt I already wanted someday). Those were special circumstances though. If someone gave me a doll sort of randomly, I might sell it, but it's much more likely I would find someone to give it to--there's always people out there who can't afford any dolls.
      I have given people dolls (I gave my friend a Mei for her birthday, and I made my niece a hybrid tiny for Xmas). I would be bummed out if they sold those dolls, but I wouldn't stop speaking to them or anything ;) Especially my niece--she's 11, and she loves her doll now, but I understand if her tastes change in a few years. She's supposed to give it back to me if she doesn't want it anymore, though.
    6. I've given dolls as gifts many times. In each instance, I have told the person that if they grow tired of the doll, they are welcome to sell it, but they have to contact me first and give me the option of first-refusal, in case I want to buy it.
    7. I could go either way I suppose, but for me i think it comes down to the timing of the situation ultimately. If I gave a doll as a gift, I wouldn't mind it being resold if there was a decent time gap between it. I can understand if they dropped the hobby, say, 3 years later and wanted to sell it. However, I would be upset if the turn around time was like...3 months. If that was the case, I would prefer they ask me before selling so I could maybe buy it back.

      As for the other scenario, honestly, I don't know if I would be able to sell a doll gifted to me. I get really sentimental about gifts, so I would probably keep it even if I wasn't as fond of it as my other dolls. If I really did have to let it go, I would definitely contact the gifter first.
    8. I'm in the process of getting my first doll ready to sell, and she was a gift. I'm not really in contact with the person who gave her to me anymore, but I still feel a little odd selling her. However, I'm not happy with her as she is now, for various reasons, and I'm pretty confident that the person who gave her to me would rather I be happy than just settle.

      Similarly, I imagine that if I was in need of money for, like, a health emergency, or needing to pay rent, the person who gave me the doll would be okay with me selling her to pay for those things, which are so much more important than a hobby no matter how much you love it.

      I think giving something as valuable as a doll as a gift is a wonderful show of affection and care, and while yes it could be a little painful to see the recipient sell the doll that you worked so hard to choose and obtain for them, I think it's far more important that they be happy with what they have, or (in the case of selling dolls for emergencies or necessities) that they be healthy and safe. So, if I was ever in the position to give a doll as a gift, I would feel fine with whatever my friend does with it, so long as they are 1. well, and 2. enjoying themselves.
    9. My first girl was my birthday gift, and there is nothing that could make me sell her. Mainly because she is my first doll, another that she is a gift.

      I'm pretty much against selling or giving away gifts of ANY kind, and this is no exception. However, if I were to give someone a doll and they wanted to sell it, that is up to them. I would be upset, but I know I gave it to that person for them to do what they will of it. But for me, its a no.

      I have an incoming Luts head that is a gift, but I have no real purpose for him, but there is no way I will get rid of it. I'm looking forward to him, and plan to make room for him in my doll family.
    10. I wouldn't mind if someone sold a doll I gave them. Unneeded possessions are burdensome, and the point of a gift is to have given someone something. If they sell that something then they can use the money for something else, but it's still a net gain for them, because of you.

      By the same token I don't want to feel forced to keep something that I don't need. I have very little space and just feel the need to keep my load of "stuff" to an absolute minimum these days. I try to avoid all gift-receiving type of activities!


    11. I totally agree with that, and that's what I wanted to say (or at least the gist of it).
    12. I wouldn't be able to do it. As someone who is fortunate enough to have experienced receiving a doll as a gift before, there's no way I would be okay selling it. I was too honored by their gift in the first place. ^^;

      On the other hand, if I gave a doll as a gift... I'm not 100% sure as I haven't done it before, but I don't think I would object. It might sting a little, just because I do try to give thoughtfully in a way that the recipient will really enjoy their gift. But I don't think I would tell them not to, since it would be theirs after it leaves my hands.
    13. I think that in both cases communication is key.

      If I gave someone a doll as a gift (and I actually HAVE done so) and the person wanted to sell the doll, I would appreciate it if the person told me so. In fact, I gave a doll as a gift to a friend of mine, and she's fallen on hard financial times. Divorce, moving, and supporting a child on her own... she does not have the time to put into the doll, and needs cashy money right now.

      I've even offered to help her sell it, since it's the only doll she owns and she doesn't move in the BJD circles much.

      I figure that if she gets to a more stable place in her life, I'll get her another doll. :D

      If given a doll as a gift and for whatever reason I wanted to sell it, I would talk to the person who bought it for me. If I simply didn't like the doll, I would try to be nice about it. I might say, "I love this gift, it's so thoughtful. However, I'm having a hard time finding clothes that fit well, and I have my eye on this other doll. Would you mind if I sold this one to buy that other one?" If I needed the cash (and that can happen to anyone at any time) I would own up to that. "I'm selling some of my dolls in order to pay the mortgage. Do you mind if I use your gift to help pay for my home?"

      I think that if you simply talk to the person about it, everything will work out fine. Heck, the giver may want to buy the doll from the recipient, rather than having it out there on the market.
    14. I think it is totally fine, Because you already gave it to someone and that things belong to the person afterwords. No matter what reason the person has to sell the doll for her or his own sake and good, then I think is ok. As long as the gift help you and make you happy and make you feel useful, then selling the doll is fine. Howver, if you can inform the friend first and let him or her know the reason, she or him might feel better. Just do not let her know last. It does not feel good.
    15. I wouldn't buy a doll for anyone, because they really are too expensive, but just like buying Christmas presents: if it doesn't work, bye bye! Receipts in the bag, I tried my best for you, it's the thought that counts, enjoy!


      So no, I wouldn't mind. I knew the risks when I was buying it.
    16. I have received several dolls as gifts from my mom and dad. Though one isn't quite my favorite, I would never sell her as I know it would hurt my mom's feelings very badly. She chose that doll for me as a surprise because she thought I would love it. I'm not saying you should never, ever sell a doll you received as a gift, just make sure the person wouldn't be terribly upset.

      If I ever bought a doll for someone as a gift, I'd hope they let me know about it, but otherwise it's their choice. I think some of my lack of concern comes from being in this hobby for so long, though. I've seen people buy and sell all the time, so I've come to realize it doesn't mean much, just that the person selling has moved on.
    17. I think dolls as gifts are very circumstantial. Money so that you could buy a doll, then maybe not as much. If you were given it, I'd talk to the person before thinking about selling it.
    18. I bought a puki for my little sister because she really likes my dolls and she expressed a wish to have one of her own. She takes very good care of her doll but doesn't really play with her much. I think she just likes having the puki in her room on her desk. =P If she ever decides to sell the doll, my feelings wont be hurt at all. Buying a doll for someone is no different from buying any other expensive gift- you want the person to enjoy the gift, but at the end of the day if they need the money more than the object, it's their right to sell it!
    19. I would never sell a doll someone had given me as a gift(merely because I know how expensive these dolls are and I could make it work if I didn't like it the way it was, there would have to be something I could do)
      However, if I ever gave a doll as a gift, it's the person's property and they can do with it as they please, though a heads up would be nice so I don't make it akward if I ask where the doll is. But I wouldn't guilt trip them.
    20. I actually wound up giving my BBB Rachel to my best friend... she wanted her first doll badly and I felt no attachment to this doll in particular. I wouldn't be insulted if she wound up selling the doll because she didn't get to pick the mold, so who is to say she is absolutely in love with it? I gave up the doll because I wasn't in love with it, I don't expect her to keep it if it isn't what she loves. She can sell it if she wants to... I chose not to for my reasons, I don't expect her to do the same.