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Selling/trading a doll and regretting it later?

Dec 3, 2016

    1. I just took one of my dolls off sale since I got the money I needed (yay!), and it's just hitting me now that I think I would regret selling her... so I was just wondering if any of you have ever regretted selling/trading your dolls and if so, how you coped with it?
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    2. Yup, definitely. My Delf Chiwoo and Pipos Baha are the two that stand out the most. I still wish I hadn't sold them but honestly, it doesn't affect me too much. I don't really know if I "cope" with it or not. I just kind of forget about it until I see someone else's.
    3. I sold off all but 2 of my dolls before I went to college and I have to say I really *really* miss my impldoll iris. My only girl SD. I'm considering getting her again because I love her sculpt so much. I realized I didn't want to sell her right before I was about to ship her off. *sigh*

      But I have to say I "cope" with it by continuing to customize my current dolls. Every time I re-do a faceup or get a new wig or clothing item it *almost* feels like I have a new doll. right? Even just re-stringing or cleaning my dolls or setting them up on my shelf makes me appreciate and love them more. <3
    4. I'm glad it doesn't bug you much. Pipos Bahas are adorable, even though I don't collect non-humanoid dolls myself~ :3nodding:

      Oh, I love Iris, her pouty lips and puppy dog eyes are so cute! I had a small similar feeling before I shipped my last doll, but it's faded now, thankfully. And yes, totally! Faceups are like giving a doll a whole new makeover, and in the end, that's what dolls are all about - reimagining them with clothes, hair, faceups and more. :3nodding:
    5. I have sold so many dolls. I usually don't miss them, or if I do its just a little bit, but the two I miss the most are my second ever doll, a DZ Mo-2 on the old single jointed body and my Soom Lazule. Both are discontinued now. I cope with it by reminding myself that neither really fits directly in my crew anymore and I sold both because I wasn't thrilled with the bodies and their stories sort of faded out. If I bought them again, they'd probably sit on a shelf or in a box and not fit in or get much attention, and there are other things that money can go to.
    6. I don't regret selling my dolls in particular - I just really regret selling all those girl bodies, because now I'm having to buy bodies for floating heads! :doh
    7. Oh, I feel the same way about the dolls I sell, even though I still miss them every now and then. It's nice to know they go to home that love them better. :3nodding:

      Awww I SO know the feel! my cyclops girl had to wait SO long for her body because I sold her current one as I didn't like the proportions... out poor floating dolly heads must be so patient! :lol:
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    8. I've sold a few now, and I'm fine with it. I don't think I can regret it, because I sold them because I needed to move on. It's not of a case of needing to sell them, so I'm happy to move on to new dolls. I think I would regret selling all of them only if I couldn't get new ones. I would hate not having any dolls!
    9. I was about the sell the body of my first doll (mystic kids lillian) and I wanted to buy her a new body (minifee body). Because I wanted her to be less tall. But than my mum saids that this is a part of her charakter and that I souldn't sell the body. And she was right, it's a part of my little girl and I would destroy her personality.
    10. Oh yes, I've regretted a few dolls! I used to be very impulsive with purchases and sales. If I could go back I would keep my tan limhwa human, soom arkose, old narae60, and minife siean!
    11. Yes, and with the money you could buy new dolls you feel more of a bond and attraction to! :)

      I understand very much! have a doll with a male head sculpt (my icon picture hehe), and for ages I wanted to get her another female head... but now I couldn't possibly see her with another head or face. <3

      Oh gosh I've been the same with impulse buys too... later I sell them and be VERY careful with the money for newer dolls. *_* Those are a lot of dolls you're given away omg! I hope you're able to buy newer dolls you can like more in future! :3nodding:
    12. Only one - if I'd have known Fairyland was going to discontinue their 60cm boys I would've held onto my El. I needed the space and the money and told myself I could get another one later.... oh well. I'll just keep poking the second hand market, something's bound to turn up eventually.
    13. Aw, I hate when companies discontinue their dolls~ I'm sure it'll turn up sometimes since 60 cm boys are very common. Good luck with getting your doll back someday!
    14. Thats really sad :( I hope that you will find this doll again :( good luck <3
    15. I have sold and/or traded a lot of dolls over the years and haven't really missed any except one. A minifee Shiwoo, at the time I wanted to sell him and buy the bigger version. I ended up selling him, something came up and the money was spent elsewhere. I thought I would be able to buy another and never got around to it. Now fairyland doesn't even sell minifee Shiwoo anymore. Maybe someday the opportunity will come. They did bring back Lishe and Shushu so my fingers are crossed for Shiwoo too.
    16. After a number of years in the hobby I recognize that every so often I need to put my girls away and take a break... I didn't know this when I had my first doll. After a few months of not playing with her I thought that I was "done" with the hobby so I sold her and fiercely regretted it after a number of weeks. To cope I got myself a rebound doll that I didn't end up clicking with for years...

      Luckily my taste in molds has changed over the years and the decision no longer stabs me in the chest like it once did... but it was tough XD
    17. Aww I'm really sorry about your Shiwoo! Fortunately, you see a lot of them in the secondhand market, so I hope you find one your like soon!

      Oh gosh I know the feel with rebound dolls, it's hell when you don't bond with them and it feels like money wasted~ :(
      I'm glad you're better with molds and don't miss it too much hehe~ :)
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    18. Time heals most dolly wounds, lol. Best to keep a doll boxed for a good period of consideration before making any big decisions...
    19. Thus far I have only sold one doll, and although I was concerned that I might regret it in the future, I don't regret it now. The doll was an event doll offered for a limited time period, but the poor cutie wasn't getting attention from me. There was more than one factor as to why I didn't play with her. (For example, I wasn't in love with her size, her sculpt, and her body blushing made me reluctant to touch her). Before selling, to help you decide if you want to or not, perhaps list what you like and don't like about the doll. I've used this exercise to help me decide on whether or not to buy a doll, too. :)

      I think if I were to sell a doll I purchased or that a friend/relative gave to me (not a free event doll), it would be more difficult, and I would likely regret it at least a little.
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    20. I sold a few dolls 4-5 years ago because my dog had puppies and they had all kinds of problems and I was trying to save them... Vet bills are awful. There's one doll in particular that I miss. My Dollie Dream Dynamite with a faceup by me. She came with a purple wig, creepers, a handmade striped dress and some SD accessories. She was my first doll and I really want to check up on her if that makes sense. If I could see what someone did with her and how they were having fun taking photos and such, I'd feel better.