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Selling your dolls, do you ever buy a sculpt back?

Dec 4, 2018

    1. I was updating my list of dolls and it got me thinking about ones I had previously but sold on. I got stuck on the cat girl I had once, a Cynamon. I realized that I actually miss a lot of qualities about her sculpt, enough that I want to have one again someday.

      My question to you is, have you sold a doll, and later realized you wanted to have it again? Did it work out for you to have that doll once more?
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    2. Yes I have!

      I've had:

      3 x DollZone Hid
      4 x DollZone Mo (2 SD, 1 MSD, 1 tiny, thought about another MSD)
      2 x BlueBlood Doll Waltz
      2 x ResinSoul Xue
      2 x IslandDoll Kevin
      2 x 5Star Doll Tumnus

      Of the duplicates, the only ones I still have are the second Kevin and second Tumnus (who, coincidentally, are siblings). I feel like they'll probably be around for awhile longer, though I never know how I might feel from one year to the next.

      I've also toyed with the idea of rebuying an IslandDoll Eric...he was so pretty, and I miss that sculpt sometimes.
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    3. There's one specific doll that if I find her for sale again used in the same color, I'll probably buy her; a Luts Kid Delf Coco in tan. I used to dislike her face for her mouth, but back when I had her I was still a newbie and hesitant to send dolls away for faceups, so I'd love to have her again and try to do a new faceup myself. Plus I have a dollfie dream on the way, so having multiple anime-styled dolls would be great.

      Coincidentally, I sold mine to someone who had previously owned her a couple owners before me and regetted selling her. xD
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    4. I sold off my first Dollshe Hound, then bought another one with an updated body.
    5. Yes I sold my Volks F-01 girl and my Soom MA Saiph head. I also had a Luts Juri'05 mod and now I'd like to get an unmodded Juri'05. I was younger then and I needed the money. I miss them greatly and hope to purchase them again in the very near future. :eusa_pray
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    6. Oh yes I h had especially Dollstown dolls several times over, as well as Dollshe boys. There are some dolls that just haunt you, it's frustrating sometimes because you never seem to be able to keep them, but oh well.
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    7. Yep. I’ve done that numerous times. When I’ve had to sell dolls for financial reasons I did go and rebuy a few of the same sculpts when I had the funds again.
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    8. I sold my mnf Ryeon many years ago and I would buy her back in heartbeat (given I had the funds on hand). It hadn't occurred to me back then that I could have changed the doll's character and revamped her. She was the embodiment of my at that time character. If her back, she won't be the same. And I feel more confident I can give her a place in my collection that gets just as much love and attention as my other dolls.
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    9. Yup. I once sold 5Stardoll Edmund and didn't realize I sorely missed him and was able to get him back, his head, at least. Now I have two of his sculpt and Tumnus as well. Those, I will never let go, no matter what. They may be underrated, but there's just something about them that I love.
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    10. Pretty much all the dolls I want are sculpts I've owned before. I'm terrible for this xD

      I have even, on more than one occasion, bought back the exact same doll I sold :doh Still with the same face up and everything. I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder, in my case.

      I think a lot of the time it was just a case of right doll, wrong styling. And I was too much of an idiot to realise that and thought it was the doll that was the problem. Sometimes it was because I needed the money and actually still loved the doll but had to sell. So it went straight back onto my wishlist.

      With my Migidoll Miho I think it's nostalgia. My first doll was a Miho and after ten years I now have an emotional attachment to the sculpt that makes it more appealing to me than it probably would be otherwise.

      And yep, it's working out a lot better for me second time around! I love my dolls more than ever!
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    11. I’ve sold many, many dolls over the years of them I bought again maybe 5. But they were not as amazing as my memory told me and I quickly realised why I sold them the first time (and sold them again).
      Only one doll I was very sad that I sold. I don’t remember why I sold her (maybe I needed money), but I remember being very sad to pack her for shipping. Her I bought back later (the exact same doll) and she is still with me now many years later.
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    12. I've done this with two sculpts, repeatedly. But I no longer have either one. I think my brain likes their faces better in 2 dimensions than in 3. I see photos and think "why the heck did I sell that doll? That doll is lovely! I'll just get it again." Then it comes home, I work on it for about six months, get frustrated that nothing I do seems to instill inspiration for that doll, sell it, and the process starts all over again.
    13. No, I haven't. I can't say it won't happen at some point, but so far I'm happy with the choice I've made selling those I've sold. Sure there's a few of those sculpts I still like to this day, but I'm happy knowing I've owned them once, even though it didn't work out.
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    14. Yes. I’ve sold
      1 Dollzone chen
      1 twigling ingenue, pale tan
      1 soon vesuvia/Ringdoll Lucifer bronze hybrid
      1 HID Carina
      1 popodoll ramiel

      I don’t think I’d rebuy everyone off this list, but I’d go for the HID lady, and I do presently own an ingenue, just in white and not tan.
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    15. I've done it many times over.
      Dolls I've sold and bought again:
      Migidoll Miho
      Minifee Shiwoo
      Dollshe Saint
      CP Delf El
      Mnf Karsh (three times)
      5Star Aiden in red
      Peakswoods Goldie
      Dollzone Shoyo
      Rumpeldoll Morfeo (though I wanted a color previously unavailable, or I would have just kept the one I had)

      There might be more than that tbh. I'd forgotten about owning Shoyo twice XD
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    16. I've sold an IMPLDoll Aaron and a Ringdoll Kyo, and given my first doll (Ringdoll Rebecca) to a friend. I actually bought another Rebecca head, but I'm not sure if I'll ever get her a body. Still, she's the only one on that list I'd buy again...if she hadn't been discontinued. :(
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    17. Yes, a couple times. Fairyland ChicLine Rou and 5Star Aiden. I have them both back in my collection again. I still don’t know why I ever sold them in the first place.
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    18. I did that 3 times so far, I think.
      - Delf Breakaway (the actual same doll, with the mod I did!) -> tried different character, didn't stick around both times.
      - Minifee Sarang 14 -> originally sold to fund grail, bought head again to remake same character. Never found motivation to buy another body and ended up selling the second head.
      - classic Narae60 -> she is currently being cleaned and polished and awaiting a faceup. We'll see how it goes! I'm gonna try a different character on her, since it was one of the reasons I sold the sculpt in the first place.
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    19. There have been some that I have said I'de love to have back, but money has never allowed it & also new sculpts Ive fallen for, you know?

      I think if money were not a factor, there would be very few dolls I would have sold, and therefore, not needed to think about buying back lol.
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    20. I don't think I would do this (and so far I have not). Just because changing one's mind and re buying the same sculpt multiple times seems like you would waste a lot of money in the process, since you never get the price you paid back when selling second hand . Of course i'm from the UK and the costs associated with importing are much greater then they are in some other locales, if I lived in Asia or the United States I might feel differently I suppose. But generally I try to be absolutely sure I've fallen out of a love with a doll before I sell it.