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Semi transparent or unique kinds of resin

Dec 3, 2016

    1. Have you ever seen a doll with semi translucent resin or unique types of resin. (it doesn't have to be the whole doll, it can be just part.) I've noticed soom has some dolls with partial translucent resin. I really love the semi see through look when it's executed well. I also saw a doll on flickr that had glitter mixed in with their resin. I can't think of any other cool things you could do with resin, but if you have any ideas or have seen anything you find to be creative please share. It would be neat to add maybe some dried plants in resin, it would never be able to be recreated twice, but the idea of having flowers incased in a doll that you could see is something I'd love to see done. Seashells would be neat too, but the idea of foliage incased in resin is so cool to me. It'd be super cool for like a forest spirit or something. If I ever learn to make a doll, I'd love to make something like that.
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    2. Shoot, I can't remember what the doll was but she was completely transparent. I saw her at a meetup and got to touch her, she felt just like a non-transparent doll. Also, I thought the elastic would look strange with a transparent doll, but it didn't look bad at all.

      Here's a link, you'll have to scroll down a ways to see the doll. (not sure if this is the same kind as the one I saw in person, but it's an example)

      Also, I think SOOM (not 100% positive) had some dolls that had the transparent legs.
    3. Yes! :D I own a semi-transparent doll (It's the same one from the above vein project, though mine is unpainted)

      Spoiler, since she's top-nude and still unpainted.

      This in particular is one of my favorite images of her, since you can see the light in the resin of her arm VS the rest of her body, which is out of direct light.

      I have a grand ol' time with her, I think she's so cute. Once I get a good-quality white pastel, I'm going to body blush her so she's more like her sales images (link in my signature); I like that locationally semi-opaque-semi-translucent look.

      EDIT: Oh, and it sounds like you have some pretty cool resin ideas... Hopefully you'll get to try them out someday ;)
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    4. She's beautiful! I love her little stockings. <3
    5. Flowers would be really cool inside the resin! :D I dont think Ive ever seen anything like that for a doll, but I have seen shoes and eyes made that way.

      You can also custom order ResinSoul dolls/parts with clear resin.
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    6. Strangely enough I was thinking about plants and such in resin just the other day! It wouldn't be too difficult to do with some basic knowledge of casting and encasing natural objects (some things created bubbles or don't react well.)
      Another idea to "enhance" resin without casting would be to "inlay" flat things like plants on the skin. Plants could be layered on the skin and then covered with a gloss that could be removed given the resin was sealed. Another layer of sealant would give the area the same matte texture as the rest of the skin. You would have to be careful to make the area too thick or at least keep it consistent, but it might be a fun thing to try with spare parts. I've seen many dolls with plant detailing and this would certainly give quite a bit of accurate detail. (If it worked-the plants would have to be dried in the right shape and such, but hey it's a thought.)
    7. The vein girl shown in the link is a B&G (Boy and Girl) offshoot called "BG Rayon" and she is called "ice girl."

      So, the list for translucent resin that I know would be:

      1. B&G: BG Rayon

      2. Magical Angel

      3. Resinsoul

      4. Argonautica Doll (Prias and Kios only)

      5. Soom (some of their monthly dolls have some translucent parts, but no full doll).

      Other unique types of resin:

      1. Impldoll will color match to any color (for example, any pantome color). Impldoll also carries a non-exclusive/non member only/non seasonal dark tan

      2. Resinsoul is the same for color matching--but I don't know if they continually stock their darkest tan anymore. They used to.

      3. Mirodoll will color match, but I don't know if they will do any color. They also have a dark tan which is always available.

      4. Dollshe/Dollstown (use the same resin) have a honey skin line which is more translucent than any other company's resin.

      5. Narae/Narindoll used to have more translucent (but less than honey skin) French resins, but I don't know if they do anymore. These resins yellow very fast.

      6. Some of Dollmore's limiteds come in black (pitch black).
    8. COMBINING GLITTER AND BJDS IS AN AMAZING IDEA ;W; I love cool kinds of resin, I wish I saw more of it!!! And it would be so cool if you had something like a mermaid doll with sand and shells inside their tail!!
    9. Batchix has cool resin colors! I've seen her make things with translucent resin in fun colors and some glittery.
    10. Resinsoul will cast transparent in about any colour you want. My new boy is coming with transparent lower limbs in greenish resin.
      I've seen a solidly clear resinsoul and one with clear extremities before, let me see if I can dig those images out.


      Here's one of their own company images of a clear doll with regular blue faceplate.

      Ghost girl, half transparent this one is half clear, half white and super cool.

      I've seen one that was totally clear somewhere, face and everything but I can't find him now.. bah.
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    11. Soom fairies often have translucent body parts~ my Soom Nyer has translucent purple resin legs, wings and antennai~ :)

    12. phew thanks for this thread! I've been wondering on ways to shell an OC of mine who has semi-transparent skin and I didn't even know these kind of resin exist! xD
    13. This is my Argonautica Little Kio in translucent deep blue resin.
      I love the way the light shines through him although that does lead to some challenges when photographing him.
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    14. I think semi-transparent resin would look quite good with dolls who have mermaid tail parts or whatnot- I think I saw some in a listing before, but I forgot which company that was. I'd totes want to own something like that, however, it's not in my doll plans. Dolls with semi-transparent resin and trippy/gem-ish cores would be nice, too!
    15. I think a company has done this but I for the life of me can't remember which. I seem to recall that RS used to do glow in the dark by request.
    16. Ah, these dolls are so pretty! I love the transparent look.
    17. I have a couple of Sugarble Naga whose tails are transparent


      and if you look up Cuartosdolls who is a Russian artist they make all kinds of custom coloured resin creatures. They do custom mixes and i'm waiting on a dragon with a custom glitter resin.
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    18. I know Withdoll had an LE doll with transparent hands and feet, but I don't know if they ever take special request resin orders.

      It's a very cool effect, and I'd like to see more of it.