Sending secondhand doll to the same faceup artist?

Dec 25, 2016

    1. Hello everyone and happy holidays!!

      I have a random question lol but I recently bought a secondhand head, and she had a faceup from an artist that I do like. I think she's gorgeous, but she's not exactly my style, so I have considered having her face redone. Would it be rude to send her back to the same artist and have her redone with something more up my alley? I wouldn't want to offend the artist or have them think I didn't like their other work or anything! I could always remove the faceup myself beforehand, but I have never done that before so I would be slightly nervous if that I might do something wrong lol.
    2. I mean, the artist was paid the first time to do the faceup and you like them enough to have the replaced faceup done by the same person, and you'd be paying them again. I think they would understand that you just want something a little different and do actually really appreciate their style.
      I'm just speaking as an artist (not yet a working faceup artist but working towards that) and that's just how I would feel if someone came back for my work, also willing to pay :)
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    3. @AubreyMeeksArt that makes perfect sense lol. I hadn't thought of it that way at all! I just thought maybe it would be insulting to have them redo their own work, but that makes total sense though that I enjoy their work enough I just want to have it in my own style! Thank you a bunch :)
    4. I agree, I don't think they'd get offended at all. You should go ahead and ask.
    5. I can see the possibility of someone getting offended (though I wouldn't agree with them for it). I'd ask ahead of time to not risk getting your head (ha ha...) bitten off.
    6. I am not a commisionable artist right now, but I still have done faceups for my sister and some friends, and there have been many times I've been asked to redo a faceup because they changed the character, or my skills had improved, or they wanted to match a different wig. If you are paying the artist for their work, I don't think it should be a problem. :)
    7. I think if you explained it to her she would be fine with it. If it were me I'd take it as a compliment.
    8. It's fine--artists in general are flexible and understand that people's tastes are different. It is a business for them as well as a creative pursuit, so as a potential client he/she would most likely be happy to create a new face that suits your taste. They are in the business of helping people realize their vision. Go for it.
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    9. I think its a compliment. Even tho this face up isnt your style, you are still a huge fan of their work so still want their faceup.
      I personally have done this, and the artist was flattered that I hunted them down for the redo. They said their work had improved so much in the two years since the original faceup that they were glad for a do over.