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Senior Delf Anhel Dion Limited

Oct 30, 2007

    1. He looks wonderful. I cannot wait to see more of him soon.

      Now it makes sense to me, why they have put a temporary hold to the general sale of Dion.
    2. WOW......

      JUST WOW.....

      I love Dion's in general....in fact...i think he's probably my favorite doll from LUTS.....or any other company...so I would love to get my hands on him...though I don't have the money. ;_____________________;

      I can't wait to see him! I wonder how many they will make.
    3. Really want to see more pic of him:)
    4. So pretty! ^_______^ I can't wait to see more piccies.
    5. OMG!!!! :o
      I really wanna get him!!!
      I really hope he will be released in 5 sets instead of 2-3 sets.
    6. I really hope they will release more sets than just 2 or 3.
    7. ^ Yeah....
      I really want to see his outfit. :)
    8. What do you mean by sets? :sweat I'm sorry! XD
    9. Seriously, wow. :O

      I really like him much more than their newest doll release! Luts has been on a dollie extravaganza though, haven't they? :/
      Oh, well. At least this guy is "OMFG, AWESOME!" to me. Too bad I don't have the money. ;_;

      I want Hodoo first! :P
    10. Hmmm. I'm not a big fan of Dion. But he looks rather nice in the pictures. :)

      It seems like he might be a sort of pirate or bandit of some sort because of the eyepatch?
    11. as in, doll+faceup+clothes+wig+shoes+accessory all in one big package for one big price~

      Oh i do hope luts uploads more pictures soon :D
      i have the feeling this guy would probably be some sort of fantasy warrior.
    12. Woah. He looks niiiiice....

      I want more pics! XD
    13. he looks great!! >.<
      I love him a lot~
      Does anyone feel like it looks kinda like reisner in the pictures with the eye patch? :lol:
    14. fantasy warrior?

      hawt. he and my future abadon can duke it out. >:D
    15. Dion = <3
      I really like the face up on him. Really looking forward to seeing his outfit and hopefully there'll be some on DOA in future ^^
    16. Wow Dion ~~<3
      Can't wait to see other pics. I really really want him, Dion is my fave doll, and Anhel looks so cool. But I don't think I can afford another Dion, espcially the Art one.
    17. LUTS is such a master at teaser photos - he looks so delicate and beautiful!! :love

      It'll be a long wait to see his fullset outfit~
    18. *_______________*

      DO WANT. oh dear lord, my bank account will hate me if i love the outfit.

      assuming i can even get one/him. i'm guessing he'd disappear in seconds?
    19. If I went out and bought him, I'm afraid a banker will come to my house at night and knife me! I'm kidding, but still... I went into overdraft in Japan *_* Not fun, but luckily I was reimbursed. Tokyo... oh, it was so expensive! I'm afraid of what would happen if I don't watch myself when it comes to dolls.

      ER-HEM! Back to the topic... *drools*
      :love He's so wonderful!!!! I still need to see the rest of his outfit, though. However, despite the lack of outfit pictures, I still love him.

      The Art Delf pictures tend to be quite flattering... But I don't think I'll get SD size yet. At least, not first. That might scare my parents a little too much!
    20. Ooo! He does look nice! I am really looking forward to them getting more pictures up!