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Senior Delf Boy Frey and Delf Jess

Mar 22, 2008

    1. What are everybody's thoughts? I think he looks cool, very mature and serious. Can't wait to see more pics and get a clearer image of what this new senior delf boy will look like:lol:

    2. I'm so glad there is a thread about him , cuz I'm lovin what I see :D I just pray to the Almighty Doll God(s) that none of 'em are limited.

      (i don't think I can sprawl for a split with my bank account looking as it is:sweat) I can't wait to see mor pics of him
    3. Mmm! ... *puts Frey on her wishlist* >_>; My poor, poor bank account.

      Ok is it me or does Frey seem like Kid Litchi's older brother? He reminds me of a Moon and El too, Moon came to mind first. I love him at the moment. :D But I still wanna see more pics. I think I might have found at last the doll that represents the Shawn I was looking for. *crosses fingers*

      I think the eyebrows make him really serious, I'd love to see more pics of him with softer "sweeter" eyebrows. I think with his face it might look really nice. ^^ I'm really loving his eyes and lips though. His eyes really are elegant!

      Just don't make us wait too long Luts! And please don't make him limited!
    4. Aghh he seems gorgeous :D
      Can't wait for more pictures.
      I hope he's not limited since I missed out on SDF Ethan:...(
    5. He kind of reminds me of an El in a way. I can't wait for a much larger picture...but from what I can see...he sure is handsome..*drool*

      ** I heard a while back that LUTS announced that they would no longer make basic Senior Delfs for general release. That they would all be limited from now on....I don't know if that's true...wouldn't hurt to ask though. *goes to bug Luts*
    6. I want one too. But only the head. I can't afford a whole doll. T___T
      He reminds me on a older version of El too. I love him!
    7. *dies* ~~ God . He's so hot *q*
      ....... Must .... .Resist ...... I CAN'T ..
      I really look forward to see the rest of the pics' .
      He must not be limited, 'cause then I'll come after Luts xD
    8. That photo looks very promising. Do you suppose they'll have bigger photos up this week, since April's just around the bend?
    9. Hmm...need to see more pictures...but he looks like he may work for Seek....
      I hope he's available in both skin colours...I'd only want him in white...tried normal skin once for Seek and it just bothered me too much. XD
    10. Hm, it's only one picture... but he looks really gorgeous! A little more masculine than most of the other SDF boys, apparently. *wants more photos*
    11. I hope there are good pictures online soon!! ^__^ I'm so happy.
      The head suits a character which i have in my mind perfect!
    12. I don't know. I wished LUTS would release more masculine and mature dolls. I like their SDF Abadon (bought it, still waiting) but that one seems to be the only doll that lost his babyfat.
      Don't get me wrong, I like Freys face but he looks so... typical. There's not a lot of difference between him, Azure and Dion. They all look so boyish. I want a man, please!
    13. Oooh he's pretty! Luts always seems to have big beautifully shaped eyes. I'm not too sure about the shape of his lips though.
    14. He suits my character perfectly from what I can see, but the limited factor is a little nail bitingly annoying ><; I have nothing else to sell to get him, really...

      I can't wait to see pics ^_^ <3
    15. Uh oh...I hope he's not limited, that would be heartbreaking. I love the shape of his eyes and that was the only thing keeping me from wanting an SDF before. Too bad he's not a Delf though (because I really like the type 3 body.)
    16. All Senior Delfs appart from Abadon, Bliss, Annette and Blanchet are now limiteds. Luts made this announcement some time ago ><; I know what you mean though, it's a pain when you have to buy him right away or loose him.

      I can say I'm glad he's a Senior Delf actually ^^; I hate the posing of the CP body but love it of the Senior Delf bodies X3 I do wish the boys were double jointed though x.x;
    17. is too serious ><
    18. Oh, my...I hope this guy doesn't come out for a little while at least, my bank account's still crying from Breakaway (who hasn't even shipped yet >_< ). Much love for the SDF body. Not so much love for making every single new release a limited. Argh.
    19. I typically don't like the Senior Delf sculpts, but this boy is definitely my favorite out of all of them. :love Now if only they would create a skinnier, less built body for the 70cms... :sweat

    20. I just asked LUTS on their Q&A a few days ago and they confirmed that this rumor was not true. They haven't decided if Frey is limited or not....:) But no, they will continue to make general edition SDF dolls.