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Senior Delf boys Ido & Howl and Event head Wintery

Nov 22, 2008

    1. Although there's much chat happening in the Luts Event thread about these new guys, eventually the event will be over and I'm sure people will still need someplace else to discuss these guys! How about here?

      I really like what I can see of both of the new Senior boys, leaning more towards Howl as my favorite. I don't plan on getting either of them during the event but I think there'll be an W.E. 08 head coming home! Such a sweet face! :aheartbea I think it'll be a challenge to find it the right body but I'm up for it.

      (note: Try to keep questions about dealing with the Luts event in the other thread.)
    2. Ahhh! I love them! I love them all! I can't wait for the actual photos, because they seem to be perfect for some characters of mine but I just can't quite tell...!
    3. Me either. I am loving Howl too. I hope these boys are not limited. They both look very promising. And aren't Luts releasing another two later on in December? Our Senior Delf cup runeth over.
    4. Howl looks gorgeous! I hope they update the pictures.
    5. Thus far both of them look promising. Due to space limitation, I can only get one. So hope to see the clear pictures soon. Maybe Monday?? then decide

      I am so happy that the price will be adjusted before the event yay
    6. I love the event head!! So sweet! I think it could work for either a boy or a girl. I hope I can get up enough money to get the Delf boy I am planning for before the event ends! :D

      I was too impatient last year and I clicked the buy button for my Kid Delf Litchi the day she came out, which was about 24 hours before the event started...... :...(
    7. I agree with you all Howl is definitely my favorite of the 2 but then theres going to be 2 more SDFs so I don't know! (Although they will probably be girls I would think).
    8. I dont plan on getting either one of them. The last 4 Luts new releases have not been dolls that I would want to adopt. Therefore, I shall not expect much of the new releases. ~Gus
    9. I think that the other two to be released are SSDFs, not SDFs~

      I really like the look of the winter event head so far...
    10. Lips! Gaaaah! I love this event head, I'm hoping plenty go up for sale in the secondhand market for reasonable prices... ; ~ ; 'cos I doubt I can participate in the event, but that head is PERFECT for a character of mine...!
    11. I love both Ido and Howl! The lips are lovely, and they have such soft faces- the only thing holding me back from ordering them is the SDF bodies, which seem too mature for such sweet faces. I'm a bit meh about the event head though, I'd like to see better pics with different faceups before I decide on anything.
    12. They both look promising, but that event head is pretty awesome. I can't wait until the real photos are release. ^^
    13. I like the Winter Event head the best right now. I'm not feeling the other two at all right now(which is fine since I can't afford them anyways).
      But I'm waiting for more pictures!
    14. This really has been the first time I loved the event head more than any of the actual releases. ^^ I am glad the Howl and Ido are not limited, I'd like to see more of them in different styles.
    15. Can anyone with a Senior Delf Boy please tell me what the circumference of their neck is in centimeters? I asked Luts and they just skipped right over my question! :x
    16. I feel the same way too!! *really loves the event head so far* I hope to see the front page soon >3< -enchanted with lips. i phail with those type of lips i think! /phail -

    17. Just checked: seems around 10cm (I didn't have time to take off his head for a better/precise measurement).
    18. I quite like Howl. His fetures remind me somewhat of DIM's Arno (and I like him too XDD).

      I think I'm slowly shifting over to the "less stylised, more realistic" camp.
    19. Wow Luts changed their front page and the pics are up! =D

      Edit: I.am.so.doomed. Howl is just...I'm speechless. He's doing the same thing to me that Ethan did when seeing him.
    20. It's nice that they're offering the event head for a relatively low $ amount. You don't have to buy a full doll to qualify for the head! It can just be a bunch of clothes and wigs and stuff... (Or am I totally missing something?)

      The event head is my favorite by far, when looking at the first batch of pictures. I love that first faceup! I wonder if you can request that type when you order...

      For those who are going to be getting just the event head, is there a body matching thread out there somewhere? I bet there is... I better shuffle off and look :)