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Senior Delf DION and CIAN limited

Jul 27, 2007

    1. I am surprised they did not have a thread yet so....
      Here we go!

      I personaly am not into the Senior Delfs, but I do like these two guys better than the first two that were released.
    2. I like Cian. xD

      I'm going to say it again.
      He looks like an older Bory. C':
    3. Anyone else notice the way Cian's lipline is asymmetrical? .___.; Taking a closer look, so are his eyes. He's still cute, lopsidedness aside. XD I really love the shape of Dion's eyes. He has a hint of Bliss in his face too.
    4. Dion is very pretty. Im kinda glad that I really dislike the Senior Delf body though. Otherwise I'd consider him
    5. As I mentioned in the other thread I wonder what the price will be? If it is low enough I might get one. But I need more pictures to be sure. I did have my heart set on Abadon as my next senior delf because I need a serious looking doll and well...he looks intense. O_O

      I am bias of course because I have one and adore him to pieces (my Bliss, Cian). He stands and poses so well. Just like my mini's which is a good thing. hahaha. The senior bodies are so nice! And omg he so, so pretty! *blushes* Yep, bias. :love

      Yes, Dion does have that Bliss sleepy look.

      And Cian that more wide eyed look. And it looks like he is pouting. I think he is related to Bory...yeah! Devil's Trill you are right!

    6. Psh. I dont like the bodies either, but arent they about the same size as delfs? d'ya think it'd be possibel to put Dions head on a delf body? LOL that'd be an expensive venture XD

      and hey, even though the senior bodies are kinda creepy (in my eyes) you can always make them wear clothes....^.~ haha ~i'm joking, i wouldnt buy it for the same reason. If he was a normal delf, i might have some serious issues, though.

    7. I did see someone put a Bliss head on a normal delf body and it does look nice (as long as it is a type 1 body). But the resin match is way off.

      I personally prefer the senior body for my Bliss because I was always was into Souldoll bodies which they remind me of and wanted a more muscled body for my boy. ^-^
    8. So how limited is limited. ^^; Will there be a time limit like one month to buy them or a set amount only? I wonder what?
    9. Hmm, my guess is that DION and CIAN are gunna be limited like how WOOSOO and Breakaway were >>;
    10. Oh :D wow~ it's nice to see some new SDFs, but I'm happy to say Bliss is still more my type of guy ^-^ *dreams*....
    11. According to the Japanese site, they will open more info on 30th July. (on Notice Board)

      They are limited with number, not with period.
      Good luck to everyone who trys them :D
    12. I really think Dion is pretty! Is it just me though, or is Cian's head a little too small for the Senior Delf neck? ^^
    13. thats what I thought! It looks like they went and plonked a delf head on the senior delf body lol Also, skin colour doesn't match the body?
    14. Ahaha! So much dislike for senior delf bodies on this thread. XD I personally prefer all the muscle. I think less muscled bodies look cheap, as if the artist didn't bother with a lot of sculpting. And by god, if I'm going to spend 800 dollars on a doll, I want it to LOOK like 800 dollars! *shakes fist*

      Dion and Cian are cute, but I'm not into cute. Here's another wallet spared of emptying! XD *whew*
    15. Ooo thanks for the info. I'm gonna try for a Dion! :)
    16. ah I:m relieved they didnt sell out already! When I saw the $0.00 I assumed I had automatically missed it. Gah, there:s really crazy hype with Limiteds. I wonder how many people buy because they love the doll and how many buy only because they are limited...

      I look forward to more pictures... I:m not so much into the Seniors (oh I sound ageist with that last sentence) but I do like the looks of the new boys. Good luck to all who go for them! I wonder if they:ll be the standard price...

      hmmm so many questions...

    17. Cian looked like Bory at first because of his makeup and clothes, but the more I look at him, the more I see a bit of Shiwoo in him. Ah, it could just be me. XD;

      I like Dion tho...he looks like a mix between Bliss and Abadon, but he looks like a younger hybrid of them. XD (did that make sense? XD; ) Well I like Dion and I'd love to buy him, but I'd like more pictures...ah, stop teasing us, Luts. ;_;

      Luts is so evil too! >_< after lusting and lusting after their Nanuri event head, they go ahead and do this to me. XD; they want to squeeze my bank account dry. ;_;

      Oh and I have a question. If he's limited, will the price be the same or higher? I'm asking because most of the Limited on the site $0 cuz they've been sold out...I want to know the &#37; increase. ^^
    18. Could anyone upload the pictures of these two to their own server and post them here? For some reason I can never see Luts' pictures anymore T_T

    19. [​IMG]