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Senior Delf girls ANNETTE + BLANCHET

Sep 4, 2007

    1. I KNEW IT! They've been selling senior delf girl shoes for awhile now and I knew girls will be out soon.


    2. I like Annette! she looks like a sister of Bliss XDDDD but i think she's really lovely XD
    3. I think she would make a lovely boy actually. Bliss looks more girly than she does *_*

      I also think she looks more like Dion with modded eyes and nose hehe.
    4. oh yes i agree she will looks good as a guy *plot evil plan*
    5. Beautiful girls, both of them...but with the real skin option only i'm safe *goes to cuddle her BW boy*

      PS::: ...Annette looks more like a boy than a girl to me.
    6. I know right? But more pics will be up later so maybe that'll change our mind? ^^
    7. ANNETTE!!!

      Oh god.....I´m screwed =_=.....if she really looks THAT good....I'll have to buy her...
    8. Yes~~~~I totally agree with you Izam.
      I think she will be a boy better than a girl ^u^
    9. I'm so mad if LUTS gives the girls more mobility than their boys :x
    10. annette looks alittle boyish.. but i like it:)
      i wouldn't mind using her head to put on a boy body..
      and blanchet is just beautiful...

      but not dolls that i reallly want though..
    11. Man, Annette would make a really cute boy :XD: darnit, I didn't think I'd actually like senior delf girls ><
    12. YES, senior Delf girls! :dance At long last! Can't wait to find out how tall they are (I need a girl taller than my El, argh...) and I'm really looking forward to more pics when they get released. Thank goodness they aren't limited!!
    13. I'm in love with both of them!
      I agree that Annette makes a lovely boy.
      Blanchet is ohh-so-beautiful! Gosh, such elegance. *_*
    14. Seems like I wasn&#180;t the only one who immediaatly wanted to make Anette into a boy XD I love her!! I wish I could get her onto a slightly smaller boy body than the Delfs, but with the realskin-option, I seem to have a big problem. But man, she is exactly the headmold I&#180;ve been trying to find for my priest-apprentice ;_;
    15. They're really pretty! I hope their bodies are nice. thats what scares me the most, since i'm really not a fan of the senior boys bodies.

      Their molds are really beautiful, and yeah, Annette does look a bit more boyish, but i think given the right faceup/wig/eyes/clothes ect she'll make a very pretty girl, too.

      Which is bad. Because if the next release of pics shows off her prettiness anymore, i might have an issue. BUT they aren't limited, so thats ok. I have time to save!

      Oooh, they better give us good shots of the body. >.o
    16. i'd like to ask.. in what way would they be SENIOR??
      i mean.. the normal delf girl body is already as senior as a girl could get! or is it their faces that look more mature? to me.. they could still be in the delf age range..
      unless... sagging boobs?
    17. I thought Annette was a boy at first too, and personally think she'd make a really good guy :D

      Ah, wallet, how you mock me.
    18. I like Annette better. Bringing out MORE dollies luts :|
      Does this mean the makeup option will come back?
    19. Ditto 0.0

      Both male and female, she'd make a very pretty boy <3
    20. annette looks like a boy LOLZ