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Senior Delfs at Luts

Apr 20, 2007

    1. new pictures are up!!!!

      they will be released May 1st!!!!

      and their measurements are up too!!! 62.5cm is their height
    2. Bliss now has a price. $519.

      Abadon however does not, but I am assuming he too will be $519.
    3. Will give 15% discount during the event era! (May 1st, 12:00 to May 31th, 12:30)
      Shown price is already a dicounted one.

      (Also saw this on Bliss's page)
    4. I like the lottery idea.
      (From what I understand) Anyone who buys a Senior delf during the event time has a chance of getting a refund and winning one of the twenty full sets for free. (Ten Abadon and ten Bliss.) The only thing that isn't refunded is the make-up if you've ordered it.

      I'm a little confused about the dates though. It says the event lasts all through May but the lottery is on the 16th. O.o
    5. Seph --> for the dates, I believe that on the 16th they will pick someone that has already paid within the time period & that payment will be refunded minus the makeup. I'm really excited about this!
    6. I don't think you get the doll for free if you win the lottery. I think you just get the clothes, accessories, and makeup if you didn't already order it. Hopefully I'm wrong about this though. It would be a lot more generous to give the whole doll for free.
    7. That confused me, too... but after reading both 'Lottery for the full set SDF!' notice and the 'Special Events on Senior Delf!' notice, I think that:

      May 1 to May 31: 15% discount (already included in $519 price), free extra hands, and photo set. (You must complete payment by May 31)

      May 1 to May 15: Lottery for free fullset outfit for your doll (10 Abadon and 10 Bliss)
      I think your payment must be complete by May 15 to be eligible. They will announce the winners on the notice board and e-mail on May 16. (edit: after reading again) you will get a full set instead of a nude doll (you get outfit wig and face-up), but they will not refund the face-up charge if you order a face-up. In that case, you won't get a free face-up, just a free outfit.

      I don't think you get a refund for the doll. It is just a lottery to win the 'spartan warrior' costume.

      So, the lottery will only be for the first 15 days of May, but the discounted price, hands and photo set will last throughout the entire month of May.

      Edit again:

      Might as well add a few answers I gleaned from the Q and A board unlocked threads:

      About custom make-up for lottery fullset dolls...

      "...even if someone who requested customized makeup win the event, the person will get the makeup just like the one in the picture or if he/she insists on receiving customized makeup, he/she'll be disqualified. We know it sounds a little unfair but we just hope you understand it."

      About skin colors and using regular Delf heads on Senior Delf bodies:[/b]

      "Actually we don't have any plans to make 'Senior Delf' in usual normal or white skins. We think we'll keep making only 'real skin' type Senior Delf in the future."


      "Actually it doesn't mean Delf head can match perfectly the Senior Delf's body because the size of both dolls are different each other. And they also have different skin color. You can check it when you look at the pictures on the Notice board. And we don't have any plans to sell Senior Delf's body and head separately yet."

      Although, on those last two, consider that in the past, Luts very often does not tell of future plans until they are ready to announce them. Meaning that someday they may have skin tone options and someday they will sell the Senior Delf bodies separately.

      For now Senior Delf will be sold as full dolls only, with the 'real skin' resin, which comes in one color.