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seperation anxiety with dolls?

Apr 29, 2010

    1. if there was another topic like this feel free to get rid of it.

      this may sound weird but I was wondering if anyone has ever gotten separation anxiety from being away from their dolls. I've had it when I first had my Luna(B&G Hera) sent away for a face up and body blushing. while she was gone I missed her terribly and ended up taking Vincent(Leekeworld Romeo) with me everywhere and he was my comforter. we actually grew closer through this. but anyway tonight I thought to bring Vincent with me to a friends but didn't and now I miss him terribly especially since I slept with him last night. I just feel the need to cuddle him right now. :...(

      please tell me it's not just me.
    2. It's just you. j/k :lol:

      I get a feeling like I want to hug them every so often, but no more than me missing proper internet and video on my home computer. I do feel "separation anxiety" strongest when any doll is away from me in a vacation context, but then it's more like fear of theft. So yeah...
    3. I get this with my dogs. It's really bizarre to wake up in the morning without at least one of them curled up in the blankets with me. It just feels... wrong, even though it just means they got comfortable in another spot in the house.

      I don't really see anything wrong with having a doll as a security blanket sort of item, but it really isn't a good idea to take a doll EVERYWHERE, either. Especially a big one like a Romeo, though I might just feel that way since I find large dolls a bit cumbersome, and can't have mine with me everywhere since my work enviroment is not friendly to the safety of a doll.

      If you really like the idea of having a doll with you everywhere, maybe get a tiny you can hide in your purse, then it'll be there and it won't be a hassle.
    4. I can easily see people being afraid to leave their dollies. They're so precious, they can be almost like children or security items.:) There's nothing wrong with it.

      I think the only danger would be bringing them with you everywhere and sleeping with them. They're breakable, and it'd be terrible to have your darlings break on you :(
    5. I don't think it's as serious as separation anxiety, but I do find that on long trips away from my kidlins or when I have to do coursework and can't see them, I feel that sense of forlorn and sadness. I get the urge to go home and hug them or change their clothes or what-have-you. I think it's natural if you grow really attached to something that you're going to miss it and want to be near it again. :)
    6. thank you everyone for you feedback. oh and Ellanie thank you for the advice, I think I may start taking my Little Yu around.
    7. I think it's perfectly natural to feel some amount of separation anxiety, but at the same time, your dolls (or any other object, or even a person, to a different degree) being necessary to your psychological stability and well-being is never a good thing; if missing your dolls is having a crippling effect on your ability to function, you should take a step back and remind yourself that they are just dolls (as opposed to a living creature which needs regular care), and they will be there when you get home and be just fine.

      If you're just missing them a little, then yeah, you're perfectly normal :)

      Edit: I also agree with Ellanie, having a tiny you can take with you would be a great way to have the comfort a little more easily.
    8. I had my doll for one week before I took sent him for a face up. AND HE'S MY FIRST!!! :...(

      I'm probably sure I'd be worse had I had him for years but heck, I get separation anxiety
      from my own characters and I've never even met them before in person. lol

      I think It's when you see something you've love them to see as well or you're around something that they'd like.

      Something about that for me, seems to set it all off! And yeah, If I was used to cuddling my doll I'd feel empty at night.
    9. I don't really get "separation anxiety" from my dolls, but I always want to be around a doll if I have just gotten it, or also if I've just recently redone one of my dolls faceups or even dressed them up exceptionally cute. I'll go to work that day and be so excited to come home and see that doll! I go to see my boyfriend and stay with him for a couple days every weekend, and often I'll not feel like making an extra trip to carry one of my dolls out to the car, only to regret it and kinda miss the doll once I get there. XD
    10. Right now, both of my boys' heads are off for face-ups, and I had the worst dream X.x. Something about their headless bodies trying to drag me off to where their heads were? Eitherway, I dont really let it show on the outside, but not having them here does make me a little anxious D:
      (I like Ellanie's idea, about having a tiny to carry around with you :) )
    11. Sending a doll away for a face up would be hard for me, a little worrisome.

      Don't think that taking a doll with you everywhere is any different than some people having a good luck charm. It is something we have that makes us more comfortable.
      Some have a lucky coin in their pocket....... I have a pukifee in my purse.
    12. Although this really isn't separation anxiety, at times I do feel overcome with extreme rage and jealousy when I see anyone touching my doll when they're over at my place without permission >.>

      But yeahhh... :( Sometimes I just miss hugging Liesel at times, puts me in my happy place. Although I don't play with her to the extent other people do, just walking past her while I'm running around my apartment kinda brightens my day
    13. I've always joked about having seperation anxeity about the Alabaster Prince, but it's not really a serious issue. I'm very fond of Al (both the doll version and the original tabletop Exalted character-), and I know how hard his resin avatar would be to replace, so I'm just particularly careful about keeping an eye on him when I take him to meets and such.
    14. I'm in agreement with you, gaiaswill - I can deal with the separation thing. Though, it’d be nice not to have to deal with it.
      But Rae is an SD, and with being an art student I’ve got enough to carry around with me on a daily basis as is (and taking him to work with me would just be stupid ;)!). Wouldn't mind having him to play with on the long bus journeys, though (would make saving the seat next to me a lil easier too! :lol:)
      Also, the holiday scenario really does make me anxious. I don’t know what I’ll do this summer - do I take him with me? Do I leave him at home? I do not know.
    15. I have this to some degree, but im not sure I have any dolls that I have really truly emotionally bonded with. Im still searching for that one special boy or girl to tote around as my partner in crime and I would imagine taht would be the one to give me separation anxiety XD Right now my at home dollies are the ones who dont get much play and see the occasional photo, but mostly chill out around my room looking all-knowing and such so I guess i dont mind leaving them in their place (they have eachother to keep them company, right?) while I go off and do human things
    16. I tease (lightly) that I have a psychological attachment disorder. In which I must constantly have a comfort object in situations of stress. This is why I take a doll with me frequently when I go on shopping trips, to work, and out with friends. Because technically I really don't like being around people, and they make me feel just a little bit stronger. When I'm not around them, I feel very anxious and want to be back with them.

      I'm sure I should talk to someone about that, but considering I'm already on medication and it's not hurting anyone (they spend most of their time in a bag or out of sight, just comforting me by letting me know they're not miles away, only feet) then I'm not worried. :3
    17. I always have to have a doll on my person, and on the rare occasion that I don't, it makes me a little sad. My Cheshire Pipos, Samson, is such a wonderful evening bag doll X3 He fits perfectly inside a little evening purse, and he's a wonderful companion, a little adventurer. My PD mini girl is also great for smaller purses, and she's such a sweet little girl.

      I tend to carry MSDs with me and just use a medium-large sized purse. Once in a blue moon, I'll carry a super big purse (small duffle bag sized,) and tote my 65cm DZ boy, Gideon, with me, but that gets old quick because he's quite heavy O.o
    18. My doll's been at my parents' house because I'm in the process of moving and just don't have the space. I definitely miss her, but I wouldn't call it separation anxiety. I always thought of separation anxiety as when you're emotionally distraught over missing someone or something and it gets in the way of your life. I don't get that with dolls at all, I just sometimes wish they were around.
    19. I would like to carry Clover in my jacket inside pocket, except I tend to just fall or crash into things randomly
      I'm afraid it would damage her, and I can't have that
    20. I don't think it's absurd to say that I'd be worried if I left my doll somewhere that it could get stolen/damaged, but were it safe at home, I certainly could care less.

      I'm not really sure what the harm is of being away from a doll.