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Preorder [SephieDollShop] Trébol (tiny 16cm) APRIL *free shipping*

Mar 12, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      After a long break, we are back with good news about Trébol.

      First of all, we want to announce that we will have new colors available for preorder, that had never offered before: Peach Skin, Light Tan Skin and one more color (Milky, Grey or Mint). Please, if you're interested in a specific color, send an email to: [email protected]

      The Preorder will start in April! (More information on exact date and prices coming soon here on our website)
      In this case, the casting will be done by Haru casting team, so we need a longer delivery time than on previous preorders.

      Moreover, we have been preparing a collaboration with Darjeeling Aesthetics to make up several of our BJDs, especially Trébol, which you will see soon in her social networks (Flickr, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr). We recommend you have a look at her great work. As you can read in some of her news, she is currently taking a break regarding commissions, but we are likely to do some kind of collaboration with her for our customers in Trébol Preorder, but always taking into account her availability.


      Also, you can see more pictures of the doll in the next links in the forum, and share your opinion there:

      Preorder - [Sephie Doll Shop] Trébol - Preorder 1st to 31st August - VIDEO Preview




      We hope you like this and take this opportunity to adopt your lovely Trébol!

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    2. NEW INFO:


      Hello everyone!
      After these last days of planning, we are back with more information about the preorder of Trébol we hope you like it.

      Preorder period for Trébol will begin on Sunday, April 16th at 18:00h Spanish time (GMT + 1).

      Finally, the colors that will be available for the first time in Sephie Doll Shop will be: Sugar Skin, Peach Skin, Light Tan Skin, and as fantasy color, our adorable Mint Skin.

      This time we will not make the casting resin ourselves, so it is likely that the production period will be a bit longer than usual, and prices vary slightly from the first release: Sugar Skin and Peach Skin will be 249 €, Mint Skin and Light Tan Skin will be 289€. It is important to note that these prices will only be available this time, with the release of the new colors.


      And yes, you're lucky because we accept payment by Paypal, bank transfer ... and also installment payment (layaway)!, which you can check our FAQ.

      In addition, to celebrate the launch of these new colors, the shipping will be free for everyone! Yes, free worldwide!


      And things do not end here ... There will be an available option for make-up by Darjeeling Aesthetics as a collaborator of the preorder! <3 Depending on the level of customization, prices will start from $65 for three faceplates; each customer will be put in direct contact with her for approval and final budget.
      (here is a WIP on elf and sleeping faceplates)

      The package includes:

      - Trébol doll with its 3 faceplates: Happy, Sleeping and Elf.

      - A pair of random acrylic eyes 8mm

      - Certificate of authenticity

      - Special cushion
      For more info, please visit the website!

      Trébol Preorder opens on 16th April!

      For any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact us through our email [email protected]

      Thank you for your support! :D
    3. Dear friends,
      We are really happy to announce that Trébol Preorder is OPEN!


      We invite you to go to the product page and social media (instagram, facebook, flickr...) to see additional photos we added, also about the amazing make-up works by Darjeeling Aesthetics, that you can get with this preorder!!
      Here, you can see an example of Sugar skin with natural make-up and also Mint skin and Light Tan skin with fantasy make-up :)



      Remember that Layaway option is available.
      We hope you like our news! All comments and opinions are welcome!

      Sephie Doll Shop