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SephXIII's Feedback From...

Oct 17, 2006

    1. This is the feedback thread for SephXIII.

      If you've been a buyer and have received your item(s) and would like to provide confirmation (and/or comments) regarding our transaction, feel free to leave a reply.

      If you've been a seller and have been happy (or unhappy) with me as a customer, feel free to leave a note as well.

      If you're at a loss of what to write, a basic:
      "One successful transaction.", or
      "Bought ____ and have received item.", or
      "Sold ___ and have received payment.",
      is more than adequate as a response. ^_^

      Well, obviously, if you want to say more, you can. ^_~ And if you'd like me to write up a factual sheet that we can both use in our feedback for each other, do let me know. It'll be something similar to the guidelines provided. For example:


      ~ seph
    2. I recently bought SephXIII some Yukinojo's Boot, they came quickly and safetly, in perfect condition.
      SephXIII is a great seller, communicative and kind. I'm really happy about our transaction, hope to do business with you again ! ^_^
    3. I purchased an MSD body from Seph.

      Communication was great, everything went as agreed upon, and the body arrived well packed and in excellent condition.

      It was an excellent transaction in every way!
    4. i bought a pair of eyes from SephXIII. great transaction, the shipping was fast, and the eyes were very well packed.
      she is very nice and always reply to pms. it was my pleasure doing the transaction with her.. ^^


      p.s. thanks again SephXIII!! :daisy
    5. 20, Oct, 2006: I have sold her a outfit and has been kind, nice and fast in the payment!!! :fangirl:
      Super Recommended!!!
      Thanks!!! :)
    6. sold 2 pairs of eyes to SephXIII recently
      she's so lovely to deal with , totally smooth transaction!:D
      thank you so much again SephXIII!:aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    7. bought some eyes from seph, packed really well. thank you so much~~
    8. Bought a wig from SephXIII and she was great to deal with. The wig arrived promptly in great shape. Thanks, Seph.
    9. Sephs wigs are fantastic. Communication and Service are also fantastic. I will buy from Seph again and again.
    10. I bought a pirate vest from Seph, and the transaction went very smoothly! Thanks Hun....
    11. I purchased an outfit from Seph, she was outstanding! Item as described! My boys each ran off with a piece of it:lol:

      Many thanks,
    12. I bought overalls from SephXIII. She has been wonderful to deal with, very nice communication and quick shipping :)
      Thanks a lot :D
    13. 12/20/2006

      I have buyed a outfit to her and has been kind, nice and fast in the ship!!!
      Super Recommended!!! :)
      Thanks!!! :)
    14. I had a great transaction with SephXIII, bought a kewl hat for my hound, excellent communication, concerned when it didn't arrive as fast because of holidays.
      Highly recommend!
    15. I have bought a pair of eyes of Seph, she was very friendly and efficient and answered the pm-s immediately!! I hope to deal with her again in the future. Thanks!!!
    16. Seph purchased FCS eyes from myself a few weeks ago and was very fast on the payment and great on the communication. Highly recommended!
    17. i did a trade before and also recently bought 2 wigs from Seph

      Great to deal with!
    18. I sold Seph and Lisadragon some items (payment from Seph), and it was a pleasant and smooth transaction. :) Many thanks!
    19. Seph is always a dream to work with! :D She's so sweet to let me buy wigs from her all the time, and always lets me pay when it's ready to ship. <3

      Love the Seph like mad! <3 *rolls around in Seph's lap*