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September Pre-order for SELEN'S doll stands from A+B Co-op

Aug 27, 2010

    1. A+B Co-op are now accepting pre-order for SELEN'S doll stands~
      For ordering details please read the group order post in our blog:
      September group order of SELEN'S doll stands

      For this pre-order, we would like to introduce to you the newest product form SELEN'S, the DDdy only saddle type doll stand!

      Product photo:


      This new doll stand is specifically decided to fit the hip line of DDdynamite body!
      The shape of the saddle is best fit for clothes with a low waist line.

      We are also accepting order for the Acrylic base twin doll stands from SELEN'S, the Acrylic base twin doll stands:


      Demonstration photo:


      The new twin doll stand is light weight, and the distance between the two supporting arms is adjustable,
      which makes it perfect for outdoor photoshoot~

      Should you have any questions, or want any further details, please send us an email with no hesitation~

      Thank you very much for your interest in SELEN'S doll stands and A+B Co-op~

      A+B Co-op
      Blog: http://anbcoop09.blog47.fc2.com/
      Email: anbcoop09@gmail.com
      Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/AB-Co-op/484559585234
    2. Are these ones available too? and do you ship to canada? How long does shipping take? and how long are the preorders for? Like 2-3 months? I couldn't really understand the website, is there a english one?

      These are really amazing by the way! I would love to get one! Thanks so much!! :)
    3. The twin doll stand is available too, and the order are estimated to arrive HK at late september/early october, then we will ship the doll stands to you right after we receive the doll stand.
      We do ship internationally, and you can choose either EMS or registered airmail for shipping.
      Please sent me your enquiry or order to anbcoop09@gmail.com and we can tailor your order of twin doll stands~
    4. Yes, the height of the saddle part of the stand is adjustable to a certain extent.
      For SD/DD only saddle stand, the height of the stand is best fit for any doll with height of 55-65cm.
      For dolls that exceed 65cm (SD16 girls and boys, SD17 boys, Unoa zero, 70cm dolls), we recommend the SD16/17 doll stands, which have a longer joint and best fit for taller dolls.
    5. Hi there! One more question! Are there stands for MSD 45 cm sized dolls? I should have asked that earlier! lol! :D Thanks so much for answering so quickly!! :D
    6. yes, there are stand for 45cm sized dolls:

      BTW, you can also order saddle/thigh support arm for MSD sized dolls for your order of twin doll stand~