Preorder September Preorders for all companies : dates and events details

Sep 14, 2016

    1. All pre-orders this month will close on :

      September 25th

      There is still a general 5% discount on all dolls and articles with the code ONEYEAR

      Order one full doll (nude or full set) get one free head from the same doll category. Latest new dolls are Candy and Lisa in the sweet category - there is also a 10% discount on their fullest items.(included in the price shown)


      Until the end of the month you can still get a Doll Chateau Xaviera, then it will be discontinued.
      If you buy Xaviera you can get a free Demon William. (nude if you buy Xaviera nude, Makup-ed if you buy Xaviera with make-up)

      - :3nodding:DOLLZONE - AIMERAI - LUTS - ENCHANTED DOLL EYES:3nodding: -

      No specific events this month, but you can still get the 5 % discount. :apig:

      If a doll is not listed on our website, please drop us a note or PM us and we'll add it ASAP.

      You can also order from our stock - shipping is free in Europe until the end of the month when you spend over 20 €

      :: Note for US residents ::
      - You can easily view the prices and pay in $ - the button for switching currencies is at the top of the website

      - For information purpose if you order from our stock shipping to US costs are as follow (registered mail/USPS) :

      under 500g : 12,50 €
      500g to 2kg : 18 €
      2kg to 5 kg : 27 €
      5 kg to 10 kg: 55 €
      Over 10 : 75 €

      (please note that if you order from a pre-order, extra shipping costs may apply)