Serenade Doll & Your Email

Jun 14, 2016

    1. Hey guys I wanted to give you all a heads up regarding Serenade Doll and your email address.

      I signed up for an account with them recently and they started contacting me with offers via Email.
      Unfortunately not only do these emails not have a Unsubscribe option but also a concerning error.

      Serenade Doll includes all of their clients Emails into the "To:" line. I can see over 150 personal Emails.

      I am not sure if its related but sometime after getting these emails I've had various attempts and hacking my Facebook and email account from locations in china/japan. I'm certainly not blaming Serenade Doll for this, but I'd prefer that they wouldn't send personal email addresses to hundreds of other people. (Some of which are weird number QQ emails. Which look like they could potentially be suspicious.)

      I've contacted them to have my email removed from their list, and they kindly and quickly removed me.

      I also just emailed them regarding the safety of people personal emails, hopefully they fix this issue because they seem like a lovely company to deal with otherwise.
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    2. Just an FYI, [email protected] email addresses are a Chinese (I think?) email program similar to gmail and while they look incredibly suspicious they are actually often legit emails. (I used to work for an abuse team that regularly dealt with our Asian users who had these addresses, and they were indeed sometimes used for unscrupulous purposes but because some were legit we couldn't do a blanket ban on the client, unfortunately. Bah.)

      (p.s. sorry mods if it wasn't appropriate for me to comment like this! Just thought it might be useful information :aheartbea)
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    3. Good to know! Thank you.