Serenade Doll

Feb 3, 2015

    1. A new Chinese doll company by the name of Serenade Doll has just released some 1/3 scale girls.

      There are several different head molds and one body with a number of option parts for S M and L bust and regular, high heel and super high heel feet.

      Lotus, Suu, Nun and Nova are the head sculpts for the size they are calling "1/3 senior." All of them are on topic for DoA except the "Painted on Eyes" version of Suu.

      There are four different resin colors - white, normal, tan, and pure white - but I can't find any comparison images.

      There is an interesting gallery comparison of the Serenade body beside a Volks SD Graffiti girl in the Gallery:

      I have been looking for a very slender girl body and this one might fit the bill! :) I love the hand and leg options too!
    2. wow I was expecting another 'pretty' traditional type of bjd, but these are pure art - love the aesthetic! Not as strangely proportioned as doll chateau, but with a similar look - let's hope they fulfill expectations :)
    3. I love these. I'm especially charmed by Lotus and Suu, but I would love to see more photos D: Most of them have very little photos of the faces and a skintone comparison would be great.
      I will most likely get one of these girls at some point. In the meantime, I'm keeping an eye on them to see if they update with more info/pics :P
    4. Oh, my goodness! They're gorgeous! I too hope we'll get to see more pictures of them. So glad to see all the pictures of their posing though. This might be one of the prettiest SD girl bodies I've ever seen. It would be a dream if they released 40-45cm girls.
    5. Anyone who sells busts separately is cool with me! Though those necks are mighty Doll Chateau long o - o; ...Might have to buy some long-nailed hands from them...they're very charming :aheartbea
    6. It's always nice to see a new company in the bjd world. I am quite fond of those dolls, they look like combination between doll cheatau and popovy sisters, and I rather say that for positive reasons. However, I found it odd that more and more new companies open, although the economy is in bad condition. Still, I hope they succeed.
    7. I totally agree with Snow, they should really add some extra pics, especially of the blank heads.

      However, as far as I can see for now, they seem to be sooo gorgeous! I truly love the body as well, so graceful and detailed. Also I really like the legs options and the overall proportions.

      Poor Collector: They seem to me a bit a mix of Popovy and Doll Chateau Dolls too; love it!
    8. These girls are so lovely - and I adore the clothing choices they have available so far, everything about them just seems so elegant. I should probably wait to order one, but if they end up having layaway I may not be able to resist <3
    9. Wow!!! These girls are fabulous! And those hands! those fingers!
      And I thought I was done with my collection :|
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    10. Saaaaaame!
      But I already have a character thought out for one of these girls... I'm terrible. I hope lots of people buy them in the time I'm saving money ;)
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    12. Awn, thanks Solarsenshi, that's very helpful *O*!

      The skin colors if someone is interested.
    13. Thank you so much for sharing those! Ava is looking a lot more interesting than Lotus to me now xD I'm so happy I don't have to decide right now!
      Also, the tan looks really nice <3
    14. I knew when St James had posted this, they must be something spectacular. And yes, yes they are. Wow so lovely!!!!!
      I think I am in love with Suu. The hands are so graceful! and I love the way they made the back of the ankle wrinkle for the "super high heeled feet."
      I think my heart just stopped...

      huh they have puny lil heads!!!
      I would love to hybrid that body...
    15. These girls are gorgeous and elegant! Thanks for finding the blank heads and resin colors.
    16. I saw some people here ask them in their Q&A about layaway. If you get an answer, will you share it with us? :D

      Man I would love to see a whole doll in tan. I am removing a doll from my wishlist and replacing her with one of these girls. The other doll was going to be tan, but I'm not sure I would like tan best on this lady. Mostly because I already have a weakness for super pale dolls and they look gorgeous in their photos in those skintones.
      Sorry I'm rambling so much, I just haven't been this excited about a new company since Doll Chateau xD
    17. Aaack! These dolls are so, so lovely, so delicate and frail looking. I'm slain. I love everything about them... ::dissolves into hopeless puddle::
      Thank you for sharing these St. James. Ugh, but now I have to figure out how I can possibly get one... :atremblin
    18. Is there any picture of the body?I didn´t find any on the website.
    19. I started thinking: ''Which one of my dolls would I sell in order to take a Nun or a Suu?''.
      Uhmmmm, too bad x°D.

      The skin colors are lovely, I have to think about a little about which one I like more.
      I asked them if they do layaway and another couple of things on their Q&A, however I noticed that no one has received any answers so far, so I also sent them an e-mail.
      I'll let you know when/if I get some reply from them.