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Oct 20, 2005

    1. He's cute but either his torso is way too long or his chest is too high x_x

      EDIT: Which is good I guess, because otherwise I'd want him, and he has really no "place" in my little doll family. He'd just be a random (expensive) purchase...and 43cm Narae is coming too close for comfort to that already x_X
    2. I say its to high o_o; his girl counter part is super cute though
    3. Ooh, he's pretty. I don't like the non-jointed torso, though. And I have no use for a mini. X3
    4. *kicks ebay for not working for her* I want to see him :(
    5. Oy, it's a good thing I gave up on whatever plan I'd had in mind... I remember almost a year ago planning to wait for the Serendipity boy I heard they were going to be releasing. Now, months and months later, here he is. xD
    6. GORGEOUS.

      God, I love the non-jointed torso....
    7. I must admit I love the body , I wish he had the sleepy face like the one girl has
    8. Immediately an idea popped up into my head. Hmm...I wonder if they'll sell the girl body seperately.

      We have this saying in Jamaica, that if your chest is too high, you have high expectations XDDD
    9. Very pretty. It looks like his "pecs" are too high, but in comparing him to pictures of my Shiwoo, the "nipple level" is the same (which probably means they are both too high, because I think normally it should be a bit lower on the torso, if I'm not mistaken). Maybe it looks odd on him because there's no joint anywhere on the torso, and we are used to seeing a break?

      However, I was hoping for one with interchangeable ears, like Sharmin, so he's not what I was looking for.
    10. Holybergod - look at the posing on the legs~~!!!! I want one that can do that!! ;_;
    11. err... not to sound dense -

      but will these be limited? i really would love to have one, but it could easily be a year before i have the money for him... (i really should get a job... ) i noticed that they were listed under the basic dolls... but then it has a pre-order period, so i'm just a wee bit confused...

      but i love him! and he's exactly the sort of doll i was looking for to go with my b-el...
    12. I just saw him too *-* what a cutie!! gah if only he were 20cm taller :D
    13. omg yes he is indeed gorgeous x__x
    14. Nope, he's not limited, go nuts and start saving! ^_^

    15. Does it say that somewhere on the site? Im just a bit panicky because I REALLY want him, but I'd rather wait a few months to get him if I could.... are they just taking orders in batches or something, and thats why they have the preorder period? @_@ I'd die if this was the only chance to get him and I missed it T-T