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Serendipity Cumi - Need some infos!

Sep 13, 2007

    1. Hi all! :)

      I felt in love with Serendipiy Cumi but there're just a few here ç_ç
      Anybody want to share their shots?

      I'm looking for some body shot, and some customised doll...

      Do you know any head matching?

      Thank you so much! :)
    2. Thank you so much Margarita!

      But she's white skin or she's french resin?

      Do you know if someone gives her a new make up? >_>
    3. I'm not sure if she's french resin or not. I don't think she is, since their website says nothing about it, just that they have three colors for their other dolls. She only comes in one resin color, which is a pinky white color.

      I've heard that french resin can yellow with age, but her resin has been very stable, and I've had her over a year now. She's just as pretty as the day she came home.


      I don't think I've seen any customized Cumi's either, now that I think about it.
    4. Thank you! You're so kind! <3
      I apreciate all this infos you give me! *_*
    5. The resin is very pale opaque resin, so finding matches might be hard.

      Cumi is a good poser, and fits 1/12 dollshouses ^^

      I think she's a fantastic doll, but would be very hard to paint since she's so small!

      Are you planning to customise one? I'd be interested to see that! Cumi might look cute with darker make up.
    6. Tinies are rarely made of French Resin unless they have unusual skin colors (like Bambicrony colored elves). The doll sculptor Limhwa told Dollyholic that if her 27cm tiny were made of french resin, it would be transparent.

      You can find basic Cumi measurements in my Tiny Size Chart:

      What do you mean head matching? If you mean hybrids with Cumi I doubt if you will find any - few people make tiny Hybrids. And you may have troube find the necessary neck size information and resin comparisons to currently-available doll models.

    7. just wanted to share some pictures of my cumi. i bought her from jennifer.
      She is a real cutie, cute face, perfect size nice poser. I love her almost as much as my banji. I thought I would love my felixdoll momo most, or my puki, but I think I love cumi more. I love all my tiny's but cumi is a real girl, not a doll.
      [​IMG] more pictures
    8. MrKu I can see why you fell in love with Cumi, she is adorable. So many beautiful Cumi's here. I've just ordered one from Dolls and Friends and plan to customise her a bit ..I'm planning giving her a black bob and darker eyes.

      Wilkies if you don't mind me asking where did you get your little Cumi's shoes they are really cute.
    9. Oh wilkies, your Cumi is so adorable!
    10. I bought cumi from jennifer and the shoes were included,