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Serendipity Doll Lucian

Oct 27, 2007

    1. [thread=173206]Link to the News thread.[/thread]

      Anyone else care for smaller boy dolls these days?

      After going through a craze for larger and larger boy dolls, I'm so happy to see such a cute little guy. :aheartbea I really like his face and I've admired the hands on that body sculpt for some time. Since he's limited to 40 pieces, I'm tempted, really tempted to get him.
    2. awww, he's adorable. Kinda reminds me of a young F16 :P, is it just me or are his eyes positioned a little wonkily in their sockets? And I agree idrisfynn smaller boys = <3
    3. He's super cute! His hands are very lovely - hadn't noticed those before! I think his eyes are a bit asymmetrically sized (his left looks larger than his right) so that's why they look a little O.o . I like that in a face, though. Keeps them from looking like too perfect FemBots.
    4. In all of the promo pics they seem to have one eyeball misaligned, that's not helping.

      I did just notice that the price of the doll includes the wig shown and your choice of two Everpurple eyes (one of the choices has mismatched colors).
    5. He's terrifically adorable - I do wish I could justify putting him on the wishlist. ;o;
    6. Very tempted. My first Mini was an ISMY Boy. I still miss him (sob) This might be the boy for me. I love his face! OMG he is beautiful Uh oh, this could be a major accident...
    7. oh my.

      ...i DO like him. o.o
    8. Cute face and wonderfully expressive hands.
      The smaller boys definetely deserve much more love...
    9. mica>> indeed, the smaller boys need more love!! i'm really glad that serendipity has smaller SDs, since there are so few of them. *__* (would like to see more in the market.)
    10. I wonder what the difference between the two they are showing is? Skintones? I thought I read each description carefully but I just can't tell.
    11. What I´d really really love to see one day is a double-jointed SD10 size/56 cm boy body :fangirl:.
    12. mica>> i'm not too concerned on the torso jointing (since most of my boys have no torso joint, so i've become accustomed to it) but i's love more boys in that height range!!! :3 i'm already gone over glorydoll's louis because of his size. the fact that i quite like his head sculpt just makes the doll-lust even worse!! ;D

      i'm glad serendipity is taking this direction. :3 i've always loved their 14y.o. mature body, but didn't really like yuya's head sculpt.

      unfortunately, i can't afford lucian right now. ;o; my only hope is that he remains in stock for quite awhile more, or if they continue to release more dolls in that height that appeal to me. *o*
    13. Smaller boys with improved engineering are a neglected niche in the BJD world right now. I love the Iplehouse version 2 body, they are short but mature. I just wish Max could have double jointed elbows (I like single and double jointed torsos) but everytime they've revamped their boys they've gotten taller and buffer. The version 1 Elfdoll body was nice and small but his resin didn't match anyone else's, now they're ditching it in favor of something taller. Dolti's boys were shorter and very mature but they closed shop. I'm glad Volks has kept their 10 bodies but otherwise there aren't many options to choose between.

      I'm split right now between a Full Choice white 10 boy and this Lucian guy. I almost bought Yuha so I could get the body for Edelweiss. I liked the head but it doesn't work for any of my characters. I'd sure like to add another company to my dolly collection. Lucian appears to be normal skin too, I think I'll ask them if they plan to make a white. :)
    14. My question is, and I did ask them but haven't gotten the answer yet, is why are there two versions up? They appear to be exactly the same, that's why I thought maybe it was a skintone choice. There is no price difference so one isn't a full set.
    15. I assumed they were showing off the eye choices. They tend to blow out their photos a bit, so he looks paler than he should. If you look at Yuha's pictures on the site you can see a white and normal next to each other, their white seems paper white.
    16. Ah ha. Eye choices. I see.
      I had a white Serendipity, I know how white they are! Like paper white. It was gorgeous.

      Maybe I'm blind or nuts but I don't see a difference between the two sets of photos. They start out with the purple eyes, and then go to the grey on both. Or I think they do.
    17. I've fallen in love with him, definitely!!! :D I have been in love with Serendipity for a long time. Even more when I bought my Yunha (Serendipity Yuha). And now this boy is perfect!! Yunha needs a mate like him!! :D
    18. Can your Yuha wear 16mm eyes? If I decide to get Lucian I'd like him to wear some 16mms that I already have. How is the body for posing or standing? Any info would be helpful! :)
    19. Is he is a SD size boy ? I have an SD size boy and I am having such a hard time finding clothing :( I want really well made interesting outfit for my boy however the only ones I tend to like are the SD13 boy Oak ones on YJ. weeps.... If anyone knows of really nice SD boy size for a slim boy. Can't seem to find any SD girl clothes that are right either for him.

      I think Ismy had the PINKISH white skin, to me it seemed white with a pink tint beautiful color though it didn't match to any of my other dolls at the time. Her resin was just beautiful though very soft to the touch smooth and glowed a little also the posing was very very good the best one I have had. I wonder if the boy body is the same able to pose so well. Looks like he does have the swivel upper thigh it moves separately from the ball joint and allows the leg to turn out like a ballet dancer.

      Another thing she had was the elbow joint had an extra part hidden inside the elbow and you could pull slightly on the arm and it was able to entend out and move the hand up to the face. You couldn't tell by looking at the original pictures. Strange I don't see any info on this function now. The body I had for Ismy had a middle joint at the torso and she was an MSD size now the one they show had no joint at the waist.
    20. He is seemingly SD more like 10 than 13 sized Treelore. I think he is gorgeous, and I had liked the newer mini Serendipity bodies I have seen, my ISMY was a boy and not such a great poser. But lovely still.