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Serendipity - Doll Restock

Aug 20, 2004

    1. This thread is for posting Serendipity's new dolls as they are released. This is for dolls and doll restocks. Please post the item's name, size, price, and color. If possible, please also provide a direct link to the item.

      Please ONLY post updates to this information, rather than chat or discussion. For the News Forum posting rules, click here.
    2. Hello everyone,

      I am happy to let you know that now you can adopt lovely Serendipitydoll through Amazon.com service.


      What does this mean? Now you can pay with your creditcard, convenient and safe!

      Serendipitydoll has quite advanced, cutting edge articulation system.
      The poseable range is much wider than any other ball jointed dolls so far released. They can pose more natually! They can touch their own ears with their hand, they can sit with their legs spread backward on the floor.

      Hurry, the smallest babyfairy "Cumi', only 4 of them left in stock.

      Me? I am in charge of Serendipitydoll's international PR.^^;;
      So, you can trust my information.

    3. :o

      I have never heard of Cumi before. Do you have any pictures of her body? Will she be sold at Dollmore or Dollndoll too?
    4. I thought Cumi was a little smaller than that
      I think there are pictures of her on the Serendipity site

      it would be nice , if she was available from Dollmore
      I dont think you cant order of Amazon Us , If your in the Uk
    5. You can order from any version of Amazon if you trick it.

      That's how I get my mascot books from Amazon Japan. I signed up there and pay way too much for shipping!
    6. If you look at the website, Cumi is a different doll... the image linked above is Freya.
    7. Um... Freyja is not a Mini Fairy. PLUS the fourth picture in Freyja section is an ISMY.
      I'm sorry but this is kind of weird >_<

      I know I shouldn't be prejudiced but I want to check with Serendipity to make sure ._.
      I'm sorry if I sound rude and you'll have my deepest apologies if it turns out that I'm just being paranoid ><"
    8. Can you even use Amazon Gift certs for Amazon shops? I thought you could only use them for things that are officially listed as Amazon stock items.
    9. These dolls are not being sold by Amazon.com. Anyone can sign up for a shop and sell products. I agree with BerryHot about checking with Serendipity before ordering.

      It does seem suspicious if the person in charge of international PR doesn't know which products are which. :sweat
    10. pastelflower > aw, damn.
      For a sec there I thought Serendipty had a contract with Amazon.com (kinda like Toys R Us) and I was like aw, hot damn! but I guess not.
    11. Serendipitydoll is now also preparing to open its own English on-line shopping mall.

      Amazon shop is opened for convenience of customers.

      As Amazon is big company and has quite a lot of safety arrangement, it is one of the most trustworthy on-line marketpace.

      We also admit that we want to spread words more about our lovely dolls through big system like Amazon.

      The fourth photo of Miny Fairy "Freya" was a mistake.
      Please accept our apologies.

      About the word "Mini Fairy" - this is just a translation of Korean word and has quite general meaning, so even though it has been generically used as a type of doll from other company, but it does not have exclusive meaning. For my understanding, the specific name for the type they are using is "Minifee" or something, which is a new word made from abbreviation of "Mini Fairy", and it might be protected, but "Mini Fairy" is not.

      You can check more photos of Serendipitydoll
      at present Korean site

      Though you might not able to adopt any doll through present Korean site, as it is mainly designed for Korean customers. you can freely leave any inguiry on the BBS of the present Korean site in English. We will answer with utmost sincerety.

      Second Tip!
      Try google with "ball jointed doll". You can find our Serendipitydoll ad. of Amazon shop on the left column of Google.

    12. Hmmm, first it seems like they say yes, then most emphatically no:

    13. Oh, my. I did not expect this response.
      FYI, Dolls offered through Amazon is absolutely not second hand.
      It is directly from the Serendipitydoll, as new as new born baby.
      The word of precaution about the "as is" condition in Amazon shop is for customers who might not be familiar with the characteristics of ball jointed doll as Serendipitydoll is not from factory, but hand-crafted.
      But I truly thank you for let us know that it might sounds like that.
    14. Do you know when Cumi is supposed to restock?
    15. I've never had a problem buying through Amazon shops. Always very smooth and easy.

      I've also purchased from Amazon.uk, Amazon.de, and Amazon.fr (and I can't even read German or that much French) with no trouble at all.

      I'm glad to see this new outlet available!
    16. Presently, 2 Cumis are out of the mold and waiting for being adopted, now.
      We will start to make up and esthetic service after we receive specific order.
      Thanks for asking!
    17. Good news!
      We just loaded our bodies and heads^^
      You can adopt our unique triple tier articulation systme body!
      Please don't forget to choose skin type, too.:)
      It would take few hours b/f it actually appears in the shop.

      Oh, sorry to make you wandering around^^

      Here you are!

    18. Can you add a link? ^^;; It'd be helpful to put the link in your profile too, because I did a search on Amazon and the shop didn't turn up.
    19. For some reason I can't see any listings under Parts... :/
    20. Me neither (I imagine they're working on that) but if you click on 'See all Serendipitydoll listings' and then '20 avaliable from Amazon zShops seller Serendipitydoll' they're all there.