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Serendipity Doll Yuha

Jun 27, 2006

    1. I'm so glad to see them get a large doll. Ah~ He's so pretty. :D I want!
      Although I wonder if he's really supposed to be a 14age doll, since all the others in that range are minis.

      BTW... anyone familiar with serendipty:

      Which one is normal skin and which one is pinkish? I want to assume the whiter one (on the left) is pinkish, but really I have no clue.
      This may be perfect though, I'd love to get a serendipty body for my boy who is currently a floating head.
    2. I was thinking of getting him, he's so pretty. But I was wondering about the skin color too, I'm not a big fan go BW, but I don't want a really pink doll either.
    3. Wow, it's so awesome that they're making bigger sized dolls now. I'm not overly fond of this one, but I'm really excited to see future dolls.
    4. The one on the left is the white skin, the one on the right is normal. I saved the pics from the Serendipity site and they were labelled. ^_^

      And it seems aas though there are now regular 14age dolls and mini 14age dolls. Go figure.
    5. Looking more at stuff mentioned in the BJD-opedia, it sounds like the whiter color is indeed pinkish (or peachy), which is the color Serendipty has been using all along. And normal is the newer color which is supposed to match closer to volks and other companies normal skin.
      edit: Oh~! Thanks fated_stars. ^_^

      I really hope to see his body soon. Serendipty has great bodies for all their other dolls I'm sure I'm going to be in love with this one.
    6. No problem. ^_^
    7. Geez- he is positively stunning! Definitely on my wishlist now.
    8. Is it bad I am constantly checking for body pics? T_T

      I want to see the haaaaaands.
    9. I'd like to see other...things. But I definitely want to see the body~!
    10. i love himmmmmmm...*swoon*