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Serendipity dolls?

Mar 28, 2009

    1. I keep hearing about Serendipity dolls, but I can't find a website for them. Can someone please direct me?
    2. Serendipity is no longer producing dolls from what I understand. DollnDoll bought Serendipity's tiny doll molds and is producing them now. They can all be found here:
      There were male versions of Cookie and Milk at the very least and Cumi had a special longer legged body. Now DollnDoll produces all these tinies with Cumi's long legs but none are available as boys.
    3. I have Cumi and she's so sweet. Poses very well, too. Mine was fromthe original company.
    4. I just purchased Candy from the secondary market, is she from the original company? :? She sure is cute,she is 14cm I think.
    5. I have original editions of Cumi, Candy and Cookie, but the only one I actually bought from the company was Cumi. The other two were adopted, as Serendipity had already discontinued those molds by then, way back in 2006.

      My kids:
      Bonnie (Candy) and Garnet (Cumi)

      Peter (Cookie)

      Linda, look at the body of your Candy. If she has cut (swivel) joints in her thighs, she's probably from DollnDoll on the Cumi body. If not, she's on an original AGA fairy body. Here's a post that shows the difference:

    6. Clochette, Peter is so cute! I also have a boy Cookie. They are so adorable and wonderful at posing. :)

      I just purchased a Candy from another member from the MP. I'd love to chat with some other Serendipity (or DollnDoll Clover) owners, but it seems there's no official discussion thread for either of them. :( Anyone else out there have tiny Serendipity dolls?
    7. Hi Sapphire,
      I have Cumi. Her head is on an 11cm Obitsu and her body is being used by my Cupid multihead from Fairyland. She's an amazing tiny. Very special and it's a shame they aren't around now. Fairyland seem to have taken over in this size. I like her slightly taller, more slender body and especially her expressive hands.

      Amelie is on the left. You can see what a nice size she is next to a PukiPuki body.
    8. Hi Valli! Your girls are cute! I agree, it is a shame these dolls aren't around any more. I know DollnDoll has purchased the sculpts and they are now the "Clover" dolls, but it doesn't seem the same as having an "original", you know? Personally, I'm not a fan of Fairyland dolls at all, but I agree; they have pretty much cornered the market in this particular size.

      I think it's interesting how you've switched the head/body around to create hybrid dolls.

      Here's my Jack <33