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Serendipity Mini including Sharmin discussion thread

Feb 21, 2005

    1. So when I was looking for a cheap BJD (everyone does that at first.. haha! no such thing as a cheap BJD!) I considered Sharmin, but I just HATED the headmold. I couldn't understand why anyone bought her, she was so homely looking!

      But now the more I see her, the more I like her. At first it was 'well.. she's not ugly. she's passable, she's okay.' Now she looks really sweet and sad... wow. She's getting so much more beautiful.

      So, I'm wondering, Sharmin owners-- is this your expirience? I really hope I'm not going to be adding another BJD to my wishlist.

      Mod Note:

      This is the Serendipity doll discussion thread.
      Please discuss Sharmin, Shall and other Mini size Serendipity dolls.
    2. I don't want to say ill of Serendipity, they rock, and the face molds are adoreable, but I seriously have issues with Saoki's level of poseability. It's very lacking. I haven't wired her yet, but she cannot cross her ankles without her hip joints popping out, she sits unstably, and her wrists do not bend in different positions at all. The body has a nice sculpt, but it's very sadening to me that she isn't much fun for me to play with.

      I'm such a wet blanket, aren't I? :cry:
    3. When I received Tristana ( Sharmin), I was surprised by her size: small ( she can wear some Tyler’s outfits).She was more beautiful than I thought. A pretty petite doll!

      3 little problems: :(
      -A little scratch at the base of the head (mold scratch?)
      -The elastic of the legs is strangely tended (the knees fold too often)
      -I cannot find shoes for her (feet are thin and long!!)

      If you like sewing and knitting, she is a perfect model. She is expressive and unique.( I didn’t touch her face up because it's well made)
      I am in love with my Tristana :D

      (And sorry for my English!!! :cry: )
    4. I got a serendipity Shall and shes so much more amazing than in the pictures! ^_^ I love her so much! but she lacks posability as apparently all Serendipity dolls do... as long as you don't mind restrining/wiring her I think shes amazing! ^_^
    5. It has been brought to my attention that there are two types of Serendipity bodies: an "old" and a "new" one.

      While sanding my girl nearly a month ago, I ran into an unfortunate mishap, which resulted in the need for a replacement part. I contacted Serendipity about it, and they told me that they would take care of it as long as I sent her back. After a few weeks of waiting, they contacted me, and told me that they'd send me a "new" body. I received it this past weekend and wanted to inform Serendipity owners and prospective Serendipity owners of the two types of bodies.

      I believe the type of body you have (if you already own one) depends on when you purchased your doll. I think it's safe to say that you have the old body if you bought your doll prior to the Serendipity site being launched and the separate offerings of the head and body OR a mix of the aforementioned + exhaust of stock. I purchased Sharmin this past summer, and she had the "old" body: slim but curvy body, smooth, rosewhite pink resin, full hips, wider torso. The hands are attached to the body with little wire pieces in her wrists, elastic strung through. The feet consist of a separate ankle joint, and the feet are attached onto the elastic with a molded hook.

      When I received this "new" body, I missed the quality of the old body. The resin felt lighter and looked a bit plasticky, the torso was narrower, the resin was pinker, and the waist was slimmer. HOWEVER, with the new body, Serendipity introduced smoother ball-joints and incorporated them into the feet and hands. An indication that you have a new body is if the hands and feet both have a ball-joint molded onto the appendage. Attachment may be similar, but there shouldn't be as much strain on the hands (more so than the feet). If you have a new body, chances are, your hands and feet have miniature s-hooks.

      My own personal thoughts on the body (a bit incoherent, but be merciful - I finished up a midterm exam), bits and pieces from what I informed my online doll friends:

      It's actually pretty nice, but it feels so much lighter and a bit plasticky (can we say shiny boobs?). She sits very nicely and doesn't flop backwards. I hardly have any posing problems: most importantly, her ball-joints are well defined, and her upper torso sits cleanly on her lower torso. Her hands and feet are much more delicately sculpted, and you can see an underlying bone structure; her hands are significantly more expressive. The ankles are able to move and pose better because of the new construction.

      My big complaint is how much thinner she is in the waist. I asked Bella for "old" body measurements in cm, and she gave me an ~13.4cm. I measured the "new" body, and it was ~12cm. That explains why some outfits made on a Sharmin body fit somewhat improperly. The old lower torso was ~1cm bigger than the new lower torso. For instance, a pair of pants I purchased from Cheery Doll hardly fit Sharmin's "old" body.

      So there you have a summary. :)
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    6. i too.. thought her bust size was much too small for her figure. but as i found thats easily remedied using the unoa bust plate and cutting out some of the insides so it fits better.

      i fixed the hand problem by replacing her hands with unoa hands. I want to get unoa feet.. but no one seems to want to give those up XD same witht he unoa original hands.
    7. I'm looking for a pair of normal underwear (not lingerie) for Dawn. Do you know of any that might fit her besides those ebay hopscotch hill ones (I don't want to buy a lot of extra things, just one pair of underwear)? I guess I could've posted this in the marketplace as well... and now it's there. This one is more about what kind of underwear will fit her and the other one is about the fact that I wanna buy a pair. :)
    8. I use tonner's betsy mccall undies. ^^ They fit great and are cute.
    9. Tonner's Betsy McCall is 14" tall, so the clothes are a bit short, unless the fashion is full length on Betsy. Betsy is a bit thinner than the Unoa, but she can fit the looser fashions well.

      She also fits the 16'" Kish doll cloths. They are a bit loose on the Unoa....
    10. Correct. MSD wigs are usually 7/8 and will be big on Sharmin. You might be able to get away with a 7 but 8 will swim on her. She wears a 6/7 and that is the same as LeekeWolrd Sweet and the others.

    11. Her leg just fell off, there is a little bar across the foot which is not glued in place,it keeps slipping out, is this right? :?
    12. Another question!! are her eyes really 12mm?? :?
    13. The information that I received from AjumaPama which got it from Serendipity is her default eyes are 10mm if you are referring to Sharmin.

    14. Mine looks good in both 10 and 12, but 12 give her a sweeter look while 10 a more adult look.. 14 is too big unless you bevel the eyewells.

      as for wigs. her head is 6.7inches.. so 6/7 wigs fit.. i have a leeke MSD wig and it fits OK, but i have to hold it down with vecro. Sweet would fit her.
    15. I have a Sharmin, I will try to help.

      Can you describe what you mean by her leg coming off? Do you mean the "hook" that is sculpted into the resin of her foot piece? Has it broken? Or do you mean the half-sphere piece that serves as her ankle joint? Pictures would help...

    16. Hi, On the dolls foot is a small bar/pin which holds the hook at the end of the elasticated string, it's the small bar/pin which keeps coming out of the foot thus causing the leg to fall off. hope i have made this problem clearer for you .
    17. I have the same type of Sharmin you do.

      Have you tried to use "super glue" to put the pin back in place? Make sure to put the elastic around the pin first before trying to glue it back.

      If you can't get it fixed that way, you should contact Serendipity. She should be able to help you.

    18. Oh thanks what I have done is put some clear nail varnish over the hole to stop it sliding out have I done right?
    19. I'd remove that nail varnish and use super glue instead. The varnish won't really hold the bar in place, especially over time...plus some types of nail varnish can damage resin.