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Serendipity New Glass Eyes are released : )

Jun 28, 2007

    1. [​IMG]


      Hello : )
      This is Serendipity.

      Serendipity Glass Eyes are formally released. Please take an interest in it.

      People who made first reservation can change the shape of eye lines.
      For those who want to change, please leave a message on QnA board until July 4th.
      (Producting period can take longer time if you choose to change the shape of lines)
      If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
      Thank you.
    2. Hello!

      For those who made first reservation from the eye colour swatch chart, could you tell us how these new colour #'s correspond? I am curious because you keep changing the way the different eye colours are numbered!
    3. Any idea if you will be offering 12mm and 14mm eyes in the future?
      I hoped you would, as your dolls seem to wear smaller eye sizes.
    4. Is there a link somewhere? Pretty colors.
    5. Where you can make the order? ^^
    6. Thank-you! I wish also there were sizes 14 mm and smaller....I don't use the bigger sizes....:atremblin
    7. Thank AreeElf !!! ^^
    8. WOW, what gorgeous eyes! Can somebody tell me what doll is modeling them? He's cute, I love his lips :D

      I asked on Serendipity; he/ she is a new doll that has not been released!!! :D I hope he/she is not limited, and is SD sized :D :D :D :D They didn't give any other details (like released date, or what sized doll).