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Serendipity New Glass Eyes~

May 25, 2007

    1. I didn;t see if this was listed yet or not, but Serendipity's website: http://www.sdoll-e.com/ has put up an entirely new batch of Serendipity eyes. They are different colors than the original batch they did, but very beautiful. They are also doing a made to order eyes pre-order. Very gorgeous colors!
    2. [​IMG]

      Hello, this is Serendipity :)

      Serendipity's new glass eyes were released on May 24th!
      (Sorry for late announcement)

      There will be first pre-order service for Serendipity Glass eyes.
      Period of reservation is May 24th ~ June 15th.

      We also accept orders for custom eyes!
      You can make your own various and beautiful eyes through Serendipity order made glass eyes : )

      Please take an interest in it!
      For more information, please come to Serendipity web-site at http://sdoll-e.com/