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Serendipity site update

Sep 15, 2006

    1. website: http://sdoll-e.com

      Serendipity's site has been renewed and updated with their new line of beautiful urethane eyes. :o
      (they seem to have smaller iris sizes then normal, so they probably give a more mature look)
      Almost all the doll categories are empty on the English site. I think they are going to re introduce them. Here's the bulletin notice.

      So far We are now Serendipity Season4!

      It has been man changes since we opened the Serendipity Web Site.
      We are planning to re-introduce you a special package such as ISMY!!
      *That will be another notice for the date.

      Now It is times to show Serendipity Eyes :-)
      But unfortunally We have trouble with taking photo :(

      Please Wait for our speical Serendipity Eyes!

      edit: Oops, I accidently posted this from my roommates account (forgot to log out). >.< cynner here!