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Serendipity 'Valentine'

Feb 11, 2006

    1. http://www.s-dolls.com/

      Is this new? (I did a search so I'm pretty sure it's new, but please correct me if I'm wrong. ^.~)

      Valentine the 'chocolate prince' is adorable!
    2. Oh, my, I can feel the fever!!!

      I have a good news and a kind of.... bad news:oops:

      A good one first,

      Your new Valentine is now available at your fingertip... I mean on one click away... at our amazon shop

      (We just loaded them so, it would take a few hours b/f they will appear on our shopfront.)

      Valentine will be available in 2 kinds of ; 1) No make up and 2) Full make up version in Amazon, too, just same as Korean site.

      Also, please don't forget to reply to the seller (if you reply to the first e-mail from Amazon after your purchase, it will automatically directed to the seller, us!) and make choices of 1) skin type and 2) knee joint type.

      Second, a kind of...bad one...for who have expected so far for us to open the English site.

      Serendipitydoll decided to use Amazon.zshop as our English on-line shop. We will not open any extra English site. As Amazon has highly safe payment system, we believe it can serve our customers best interest.
      (You can check our notice about it here;
      and then choose English!
      or directly,

      Allright, then! Hope to see you soon!

      Oh, third good news!
      Did I mention that we are also preparing to introduce bigger size dolls?
      I mean about 50 cm to 60 cm:)
    3. what a CUTIE! he'd make an adorable girl... :D

      and on a tangent, i would like to give a personal HUGE thumbs up for the jointing system offered by serendipity, it's fabulous. so bendy! XDDD i hope more companies will adopt it, it's so fantastic. ♥
    4. What a cute Valentine boy! Will you be offering clothes and such on the Amazon site?
    5. We are sorry to answer that we don't have any plan to sell clothes.
      But, we do have a plan to provide dress patterns for our dolls in the future as a complimentary gift for our custommers;-)
    6. So adorable! cute little face (and hands too~~~)
      Will Valentine be on sale at Dollmore or other sites?
    7. I shouldn't even be looking at this little fellow! Both DD & I love him. I felt unsure about the skin color. Which is in the photo; Normal or peach? Do we know yet if he is a standard or a limited?