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Serendipitydoll shop in Amazon - last order!

Mar 29, 2006

    1. Hi, everyone!
      Today I brought a sad news.:...(
      Due to our inside reorganization, we will stop to receive orders from Amazon from April 1st.
      Serendipitydoll will do our best to fulfil your order received until March 31.
      Items in Amazon will be maintained for cusomers who already ordered until every doll ordered arrived in their new masters home.
      Buy all the inventory will be "0" after March 31.
      Serendipitydoll will come back with other form of English site, hopefully soon, but we are not sure when it will be, for now.
      So, if you want your Serendipitydoll, order now!
      You have only 3 days left!!!!!!:)
    2. ^^' Sorry Amazon didn't work out. Was it expensive?