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Settling on a doll... then changing your mind?

Mar 23, 2006

    1. I'm having a bit of a dollie crisis. [Prepare for a ramble, I apologize. x_x]

      I love my Chiwoo with all my heart. This boy's my first and will always be my only, no matter how many more dolls I get [which won't be a lot]. I didn't think I even wanted a second doll.. until recently. I really want someone for Tobias.

      I was pretty set on Haute Hound. Despite his price, he really appealed to me, even moreso than regular Hounds. I was going to be placing my order soon. Then issues came up with Tensiya's PayPal thing, and I started stressing.

      What is it that I really like about H.Hound? Is he really worth that much? Do Hound and Chiwoo really look that great together? What if he doesn't have the personality I want him to?

      Aaaand then there's my alternative. When I was looking for my first doll, I was torn between Chiwoo.. and El. So now I'm back on an El kick. I feel like Chiwoos and Els look much better as a couple, that El is a much more versatile mold, and that holy wow he's a lot less expensive.. etc.

      But then.. in the back of my mind, I've got this desire for Shiwoo. He wouldn't be the seme I want for Tobias, but the want is still there, you know?

      So how do you guys overcome your indecisiveness? How do you really know that you're making the right choice on a doll? I figure I should just wait a few weeks, look at more pictures, and then go for what feels right. ._.
    2. waiting a few weeks sounds good. it doesn't really sound like you're in a place to make a decision yet. i was totally sure what i wanted too- DOD Tender Yen- and then BAM my mind changed on me and i'm getting DollZone. fortunately there was no pressure on me so i had space to vacillate, and there is no pressure on you.

      why not ask Tobias what he thinks? ;)
    3. Why decide? Buy them all! XDDDDDDD
      Seriously, though...waiting is probably a good idea if you're indecisive. I was thinking about various different dolls a couple months ago...and kinda narrowed it down...but I wasn't so set on it yet....
      ...then I decided to 'upgrade' Claude, and when I went online to search for the perfect mold I saw Husky....
      ...and half a second later decided that was exactly what I wanted.

      Seriously, it was like:
      *first picture uploads*
      Me: Guu...uh...So that then....? *stares at pic utterly dumbstuck by perfectness*
      Claude: *blinks* Guh...yes...

      So, yeah...keep saving up $$ but wait to make a final decision until you see someting that screams 'pick me' not just 'err....i'm kinda cool'. XD
      ....oh, yes, and to second bugland, you should definitely ask Tobias what he thinks on the issue....:wink:
    4. I fell in love with El, but then I fell in love with Miyu...so now I'm going to save up for them both! Well, at least that's my way of solving the problem...
    5. See wich doll you feel fits you better and fits the image you have in mind of it. Look at a lot of nice (and ugly) pictures of the doll too! that helped me make my decision since I got to see how the doll would look both ways (just looking at pretty pics makes it even harder).

      good luck on that!
    6. I'm always, always changing my mind. I changed my mind four times before I bought my second doll :\ and I don't want to think how many times I'll change my mind for the third. I don't usually take dolls off the list, I just keep adding to it :sweat
    7. The first doll I wanted was a Souldoll Paris, but then I bought Dollmore's Orlando Joey when I saw him >_<

      And I did decide that my second boy was to be a Yder, and did all this research on him, but when Dollmore started selling Dolkot Kiss, I clicked "buy" and for some time was like "Oh nooooos what did I do?"

      But I love them both so it turned out fine for me : )
    8. btw...just a question...is Haute Hound still available??? I thought that there were only 30 something of him, and that Tensiya sold the last 10...right??

      He is also Sold Out on the Tensiya website...or am I wrong??? o_Ô?

      But on the matter itself, I think it's normal to change...I mean I was almost positive I wanted a tanned Hound IM, but with the paypal issue [yup me as well] I'm not sure if I want him, and I wasn't sure about liking his mold from the start...

      So I'm not going to buy him...cause I know if I'm not 100% sure it won't work out.

      If you want to see if Chiwoo goes great together with (haute) Hound, you can request pictures of them together in the request section ^_^

    9. Take the doll that calls you the most... If you wanted a Hound get a Hound, if you want an El the same thing... But you do have to think it through. Elf Yder was an impulse buy for me but I love him dearly. My Hound I paid over a period of 3 months (just to let you know, you do need to work a little more wih Hound to make him perfect, just so you know.) And I love him, he was second hand and I need to restring and swede him. But once that will be done, he'll be perfect I know ^__^
    10. Go for whom your heart screams out for the most. If you settle for second best due to money issues, etc ... you may regret it.

      I remember telling myself that I wouldn't get an El until a certain occasion (because he was my first male BJD love), so I settled on an AES at one point ... and when I got her, I just couldn't bond with her. I ended up sending her off to a new home within 2 weeks.

      Then there was a time that for months, I wanted a DOD Wi. I planned his character and everything, I wanted him to be a companion for Rosiel. But then Volks had an After-Event, and my heart screamed out for Kurenai, so I took a chance and was able to get the last one off the English website. <3 I've never regretted that decision.
    11. I change my mind all the time... It's funny, Tiffee used to be the Souldoll mold I liked least. I'd planned to get another Angelregion doll for my second doll, or maybe a Bluefairy doll. Then, suddenly, I saw owner pics of somebody's Tiffee, and WHAM. Tiffee it was, and it had to be her. Nothing else would've done. There were other dolls I could see myself getting after Tiffee, but she had to be the next one.

      Personally, I would wait a while to see if you get that feeling about any of your choices.
    12. Someone told me a few weeks ago that there were still a couple left for sale.. and it doesn't actually say Sold Out on Tensiya like it does on the other limiteds.. and it did allow me to add him to my cart [I was just checking XD] so.. I dunno, you could be right.. [the more I think about it, you probably are..] and that would certainly make my choice..a lot easier.. ^^; Who knows..

      And as far as asking Tobias.. it's kinda silly, but the way I'm "planning" [in quotes because for the most part I make it up as I go along X3] the ..storyline, I guess?, I don't really want him to know that he's getting a companion. But we're pretty similar in personality [this wasn't intentional and just.. happened >_>] so I think I'll make the right choice for him.

      Thank you guys for your input. :aheartbea I'll think about it for a while longer, and I'm sure you guys will know my final decision in a couple months. X3

      [For the record, I'm reeeeally leaning towards a mod dreaming El right now.. X3]
    13. Picking a second doll is turning out to be kinda hard for me too. I keep leaning back and forth between CP Juri and a Vampire DES. I had decided VDES would be second, but now I'm leaning more towards Juri ^^;

      I guess like others have said, you'll just have to keep looking at pictures until you see one that makes you want to press that order button right away :)
    14. I think you're making a wise descision in taking more time to think. Your next doll is out there, and I think you'll know it when you see it. ;)

      I guess I haven't had this problem choosing because I don't come up with characters for my dolls before I get them. And I've also bought mostly based on Volks events, and releases of limiteds. Except for Narsha, and the Pocket Fairies, I don't really browse doll websites much, and once my Ai Petite arrives, I think my BJD clan might be complete. Yeah, I know...never say never...or complete. LOL!

      Anyway, best of luck to you, whichever doll you pick!

      Hugs, Juli :D
    15. I'm always switching around on the dolls I'd like. I went through saving for 2 dolls before I settled on Arnold (and I'd still like to get a Fair Nell eventually, anyway). And for my next doll, who knows what will happen!
    16. *old thread that is interesting and needs to be revived abit*

      I believe indecisiveness kicks in for every doll owner out there >.< I personally suffer from this case. As a first I wanted a DoC Ivan, like ALOT. I was literally rambling on and on about him, but after more research and reading and seeing non company photos, then I finally settled with my kid delf Ani. Big diff I know oTL!
      My remedy for such despair? Wait, and list out the pros and cons x.x; then start comparing whatever data I have obtained. To me it's just what makes me swoon the most. When he/she arrives, despite what mold chosen you will love him/she ALOT. :D
    17. uuuh...I know how this feels :sweat
      I went through 5 companies and 9 dolls before I decided to get Emilie...*_*
      It's just like; you really like this one, but there's something that you really dislike, then you see another one and it starts to grow on you, but it's still not that what you've been looking for, but then you see one and you immediately fall in love but... and and and . :lol:
      If you didn't have chosen yet ( :) ), then just imagine you would get one of them and how it would feel NOT to get the other one... which one "hurts" more?^^just choose that one...
    18. I was dead set on getting my DoT E-an. I was saving up, I was 100$ away and x-mas was coming and I just knew I'd get the rest of the money I'd need for her. What did I do? well, 3 days ago I fell in love with Soom's Ai and placed her on layaway on the 24th. and then I decided to use what was left of my E-an's funds to buy a CH Hani and Mari. I thought I would feel horrible about doing this after working so hard to get E-an for so long, but 3 days ago when I saw Ai I realized that maybe I didn't want E-an that badly after all since I was much more atracted to Ai than I ever was to E-an.
      I still have no regrets about changing my mind brutaly like I did, even now after x-mas. I did get the money I would have needed for E-an. I could have ordered her today. But when I think of that, all I really feel is a 'Oh well' kind of feeling. So maybe buying a different doll (and also much smaller) was a very good decision. We'll see in a couple oh months when Ai gets here if I still feel the same xD
    19. I'm really bad at making final decisions like that.. especially when a lot of money is going into it. I don't have any dolls right now because of a money issue, but I am saving up. I've been looking at different models and I have kind of decided on a select few that I wanted, but I dunno which I wanna get first. xD What I tend to go back and forth on are the characters the doll is going to represent. I love creating characters and it seems a new one pops out of my head all the time. I have some that are near and dear to my heart that I'd like to get dolls of, but once I thought that was it.. I come up with another one that has a personality and design that I end up really liking and I think.. 'That'd be nice as a doll." So that's the big dilemma for me really. The dolls I want are the same, but I can never stay concrete with the character they're going to be representing. xD
    20. I had decided on Leekeworld's Edgar for a long time, and then when I had money to buy him, I quickly changed my mind and bought a Crobidoll Lance, and I have not regretted it once.
      But I was sure that I wanted Lance more than Edgar, so don't buy a doll until you're 100% sure! :)