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Several new molds from Bobobie/Resinsoul

Aug 9, 2008

    1. Bobobie has released 4 new 1/4 dolls. One boy and three girls. The molds are currently unnamed and only have order codes. Stated in the description, the girls have new bodies. There are no pictures of it on the site though that I can see.
      (Bobobie actually has Resinsoul as a mirror site. Thread here on the Bobobie forum: Link)

      The dolls can be found on the Bobobie website at this link.

      Boy 0002

      Girl 0003

      Girl 0016

      Girl 0018

      Also, the Nissa dolls are available without the horns and are now called Elfkins. There is also a version called Lucky, that has humans ears.
    2. Can you please post the link to the site for me? TIA!
    3. Has anyone found pictures of the new body yet?
    4. i thought these were the resin doll promotion dolls.

      btw.. isn't this old news then? *nai is a bit confused XB*
    5. hey!
      they are the dolls from www.resinsoul.com
      resinsoul makes the bobobie dolls and now they sell their owns doll, but you can buy in the bobobie page too

      i hope help you

    6. Does this mean that the new girls body bobobie will be selling the new heads on is the same as this one here on resinsoul? Are there more pictures beyond that tiny thumbnail of it?
    7. Are these new head molds all elf-ear molds? Mostly curious about mold 0016, but info on any of them would be good. The wigs really obscure the ears.
    8. 0016 does have elf-ears