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Sewing Patterns for Tinies

May 26, 2007

    1. I know we have tiny crochet and knitting pattern threads, but I could not find one for sewing patterns.

      If there is on already, post the link here.

      For Uyoo and maybe others:
      I found a site with free medieval, fantasy, and historical patterns, mostly for Barbie but a couple of patterns are for other size dolls.

      For tinies like 14cm Elfdoll and maybe Banji:
      Here are free patterns made fro disassembled Topper Dawndcclothing:

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    2. I just found the cutest Pocket Fairy patterns in a magazine called Dolly-Style 2005 Volume 1. It also has patterns for Unoa and SD sized dolls. Here is a pic of the Pocket Fairy outfits:
    3. The PF patterns are cute. Rest of the links look very interesting. Will have to play with proportions for my clan.

      What I do sometimes is buy children's patterns at jo-anns when they go on $1 sale and then enlarge the instruction sheet that shows the pattern pieces to the desired size. Usually requires only minor adjustments. Well worth the effort. It can be a great place to start if you want some confidence before designing your own patterns (especially if you know nothing about kids clothing like me when I started).
    4. Oh cute, my Yoko needs some new school clothes.

    5. Oh that's brilliant!
    6. That is such a fantastic tip, I can't wait to try it!
    7. ::sighs:: there's just no love for little boys who wants to dress like little boys. Everywhere I search for patterns all I see are girl stuff. At least the first link had a couple of male things. Thank you!
    8. There is also always undead threads.
      They got a couple of usefull YoSD patterns
    9. You should be able to use the Undead Threads Yo pajama bottom to make sweats or loose-fitting slacks for a boy doll. The PJ shirt could be made in different fabric to make a button up shirt. The basic pattern is pretty much the same.
    10. Has anyone tried some of the books by Rosemarie Ionker?

      She has several books that seem like you could use for tiny dolls.

      Fashion for Small Dolls

      A Closetful of Doll Clothes

      Dressing Dolls with Rosemarie Ionker

      My local book stores don't carry it so I'm sorta wondering what it's like before buying.
    11. I have used them, the problem lies that there isn't much variaty in patterns or clothing styles for boys But then again the same holds true for bigger boys =/ Guess I"ll have to learn pattern drafting for myself.
    12. Yes I 've seen them but I also been hesitant to buy them not knowing if anything would fit my doll or if heavy modifications would be needed. Also I fear it's heavy with girl clothes and up tp nothing in boy stuff. =/
    13. Perhaps using Calliope13's idea might work for you...find a boy real-size pattern that appeals to you and enlarge the instruction sheet pieces to a size that fits? Since Halloween is approaching, there should be quite a selection of styles, from real-clothes to fantasy costumes.

      Good luck :)
    14. Does anybody have a pattern for a simple dress for Bambicrony/Yo-sd?
    15. I have made several patterns for my 10-12" dolls-don't know if they would fit bambicrony or Yo /SD, but they fit Luts Delf cutie, DZ BB, and Lati green with minimal adjustments for all of them. PM me and I can send you the pattern.
      Here is my Luts delf cutie Mary in a simple drop waist dress I made from my own pattern.
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    16. I have them all, I love her style, but I really don't think you need them all as a lot of them repeat in her other books. Also she doesn't give very much instructions on sewing them. Or how to do the "Brazilian Embroidery" that really makes the outfits.
    17. What you need is Anne Estelle Size but sew them just a bit tighter, for Yo-Sd and Bambicrony.
    18. I'm attempting to learn to sew, but I'm finding I don't have much patience for it right now. However, a Kaylee from Firefly ballgown would be mighty cool to have, as well as several other of the patterns listed. Thank you for that link!