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Sexy flaming new Souldoll boots <3 And boy boots.

Apr 29, 2005

    1. http://www.souldoll.com/index.php

      Ahah, I'm now $45 poorer. ^^; The gothy zipper boybots were really tempting, too... *sighs*

      The note Souldoll's included with the boyboots cracks me up:

      " * This shoes are product that emphasize in beautiful decoration
      more than convenience.
      When put on shoes, put on after drop middle zipper to end. "

      (Are any goth boots ever made for convenience?? ^^; )
    2. OOOhhhh, flamey! XD~~~~~
    3. Very cool boots... Thanks for the heads-up! :daisy :daisy :daisy

      I'm being good so far, and resisting...! 'Been spending too much...!
    4. Those are cool. But the ones I REALLY like are those gothic long-belt ones. I wish they had them in larger sizes (particularly a size that would fit CP boy feet!)
    5. ^^ The Luts boots are pretty darn convenient. They're a dream to get on and off.
    6. Ohhhh thanks for the note on these! Yooskie's gotta have em'!
    7. Yes yes yes!!! Promise??
    8. Too bad they don't come in SD13 boy size... My Emma (Unoss, aka Bigfoot) would have loved a pair... :cry:
    9. Lol! Me too, plus I decided to get a couple of other things whilst I was at it to save on shipping. :roll:
      ~ There goes my plan for not spending money the day I've been paid it. :oops:

      Thanks for posting about them though, I don't keep much of a watch on their website. ^_^
    10. I'm a good father and never let my girls down! :daisy