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Shall - disappointment

Feb 14, 2006

    1. Well my long-awaited Shall got here. I'm at work and couldn't unwrap her completely, but did sneek a peek at her face. I was unhappily disappointed because she came with the default faceup and I had requested something different. DOD responded that they could do as I requested. Guess they forgot. Kind of annoying since I paid extra for the faceup.

      So now I'll just have to give her a new faceup myself. Sigh. I really didn't want to have to do that.

      Sorry, just had to whine.....

    2. =x Doll companies don't always give custom face-ups, even if they say they will. It's really a win lose situation with asking for a custom face-up.
    3. You paid extra for a face-up, or extra extra for a custom face-up?

      Dream of Doll stopped custom face-ups before I ordered - October 2004. I'm surprised they said they would do it.
    4. I'm really sorry for you...that's terrible! mabey you should write to them once again? I think, that they should give you your money back...
      I'm really sad to hear, that you don't want to give her a fece up by yourself. if you will like, I can paint her for you for free :3. I just can't stand, that you'r unhappy with your dreamad doll... it really should be a happy day for you!
      hope, that everything will turn's out OK!
    5. Aren't you supposed to pay for face-up, no matter if it's custom or default? Because I had to pay for default, it was stated on the website that she'd come with no face-up at all in her regular version :/

      [edit] Grammar.
    6. marti > unless she paid extra for a custom face-up (on top of the regular charge), I seriously doubt DOD will refund her. She got a face-up, even if it wasn't what she was expecting.
    7. I thought, that she paid extra. but even if she doesent, I think it's a little unfair.she had to paid for the make-up that she didn't wanted to have. it's not like DoD gives every of their doll a face up. you should pay to have one...
      well...that what I think.but correct me if I'm wrong :)
    8. Thank you, that is very sweet of you to offer to do a faceup for free. I do faceups all the time, so need to take you up on your offer. It's just that it would have been nice to have her come just perfect.


    9. I paid the extra Make-up fee and by doing so you are allowed to choose the color palette. I did not want the coral lips and other colors in the palette she comes with as default. I requested a more neutral/brown palette with rose lips, lighter eyeliner and brown eyebrows. She has none of the specifics I requested. I did not request any different style or shape of brows, lips, etc.


    10. Yes, you are correct. But you can choose the colors of your faceup.


    11. To clarify--when you order the Make-up option, you are allowed to choose the color palette. I chose something other than the default. But the default is what I got. I did not get the colors I chose from their list. That's my disappointment.

    12. did you choose the brown make up then?, if so, and you still got the default one, i'd be dissapointed too >.< you should e-mail DOD about it.
    13. Jay, I'm sorry to hear that...but I am excited to hear you got a Shall! I hope you bring her to the next meet you attend...or we'll just have to come down to ya! :apirate:
    14. awww im sorry to hear that her face up wasn't what you thought it was going to be like. im sure you will give her a beautiful one. i can't wait to see her someday :)
    15. Man. DOD is slipping HARD. They need to pry their heads out of where ever they have them hidden. :P
    16. I agree. I like DOD, and it seems that they've been a very good company...pretty much up until they started to DOTs.

      i think they really need to work out a better system...get more people in or something. Because really these frequent slip ups aren't on. =(
    17. I love those DOTs, but I agree. I used to hear nothing but good things about DOD, but now, every second thread seems to have some little issue.

      If you didn't get the service you paid extra for, you certainly should have your money back.
    18. I am dissapointed with DoD also. :(
    19. Ive e-mailed them asking for them to alter the default face-up on my twins-nothing drastic, just leave off the neon pink eyeliner and not blush my boys cheeks. Im hoping they can do this as it just means missing out a step, and saving paint-Im not asking them to add or customise anything, just....enough with the pink!

      *they responded by saying they would do the best they can...I hope its possible as I dont rwally want to have to rub parts off the face-up, and the eyeliner is a bit too pink for my boy.....I really hope DOD come through*
    20. Jay, I'm so sorry! I can really understand why you are so disappointed. Even if they did stop doing custom faceups, I think it's beyond unfair for them to tell you that you will get a custom faceup and send you Shall with a regular one. That's lying about their product to sell it.

      It's as bad as if someone auctioned an El Elf on eBay and sent their buyer a regular editon El, and then saying "El Elves were sold out a long time ago" ><

      lol... Reallly true. I really wanted a Shall before, but now, I'm really hesitant about buying from DoD. I have moral issues about buying something from a company that's treated so many people with the tiniest bit of care >< >:[