Shared wardrobes anyone?

Apr 30, 2019

    1. Does anyone try and build a shared wardrobe for their dolls?

      Like instead of each doll having their own individual wardrobe the entire doll fam shares clothes.

      I get that this isn't something that works for everyone, but every now and then I find something that looks cool but if meant for a 70 cm that I think would be adorably over sized on my 65 cm. Or I see a long skirt that could be reworked into a dress for a smaller doll. I'm always tempted to buy these but I have no idea if such a thing would work out. 5cm is quite a lot for a doll.

      That said, I've noticed that since clothes are made with a range of measurements, sometimes this can work. Has anyone else ever done something like it?
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    2. I definitely have a shared wardrobe situation. I have a pretty decent amount of dolls in both genders and a small range of sizes with different fashion tastes, so not everyone can wear everything but there's not much in my house that is for only one doll.
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    3. Unfortunately, all of my dolls are different sizes! My two MSDs can kiiiiind of get away with sharing shirts, but their proportions are juuuuust different enough that one would wear a large/medium shirt in human sizings while the other would wear small/medium. They seem to be 1-2 trouser sizes off from each other as well, go figure. A dress that fits one beautifully looks like a tent on the other.

      Hopefully the third MSD I have coming can steal clothes from the second, though -- their measurements are nearly identical.
    4. Most of my doll clothes are not shared because although most of my dolls are in the 1/3 range, they vary so much in style (and in size/shape for my girls). However, some jeans, t-shirts and tank tops do get shared, because really, who needs to own 15 black t-shirts so each doll has one? :XD:
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    5. I try, but I love extremely fitted clothes (slim suits, lots of custom tailoring, etc) so sometimes even my dolls who are similar can't always share.

      I thought Resinsoul's 70cm was close enough to SSDF, but the crotch is sculpted in a really stupid way on the Resinsoul so all the pants don't sit right....
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    6. Share all the wardrobe! Seriously, my msd sometimes steal my sd's sweatshirt to wear as oversized clothing, and my sd girl hardly has any clothes of her own and mostly wears my sd boys clothes instead. There are very few clothes that are just for one specific doll, and even then I've tried everything on another doll at some point or another just to see how it looked. :lol:
    7. That sound's like a really cool (and convieniant) arrangement. It must've taken some time to build it.

      That sounds like what happens in real life too! Which is hilarious because some of these doll seem to take on al life of their own.

      Well said!

      A well fit outfit does wonders. Sadly, it is pretty inconvenient when it comes to money. Alas. Alas.

      I'm trying to set up something and do the same! Sadly all my dolls are wildly different sizes or proportions. I recently got some new ones that should be more similar to my Feeple65 in terms of size so this should be interesting.
    8. While I may make clothes with a particular doll in mind I have one giant rubbermaid tote of doll clothes and I am often pleasantly surprised when I try something on somebody other than the one I designed it for. I have a lot of 60cm -ish dolls in both genders who share most everything. 4 20cm yosd sized ones and 2 unoa. The only ones who can't share clothes are my Xagadoll sylvia and my Spritdoll Camelia who are too out of scale with everybody else to share.
    9. Absolutely! I make most of the clothes my dolls wear, and I love switching different pieces of clothing from doll to doll and see how they look on each character, I recently got very excited to find out that a casual flannel shirt that I made fits all of my SDs. Also a graphic T shirt that I made for my SDs fits my MSDs in a really cute oversized way. I love having my dolls share wardrobe. :)
    10. My two MSD's share a fair amount of clothes. In particular, the boy shares all of his clothes with the girl, and the girl also gets all of her girly clothes to herself :lol:

      My SD girl, SoulDoll 62cm boy, and SID boy share whatever fits more than one of them, but that's a much more limited sample. I'm hoping that once my SpiritDoll Proud girl (65cm) arrives, she'll be able to share at least something with the SID, because I just don't have space for every single doll to have its own wardrobe. I have more luck with tops than pants :|
    11. Each of mine have their own clothes, but there's a common pool of clothes they can share use of - there are never enough petticoats or stockings among my SD girls, for example.

    12. As most of mine are roughly same size I do share the clothes around but a couple have outfits just for them and will not share with the others
    13. I divide my clothes stash by general size, but hardly anything belongs to just one doll -- they all share whatever will fit, as long as it suits their individual styles and personalities. I have a couple of girls who look adorable in mori or dolly-kei outfits, and some others who look like really unhappy cosplay fails in those styles.

      Though a friend of mine did ask me, years ago, why all my dolls were preppy. So there may be a reason why everybody shares clothes. :doh
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    14. {laugh!} Most of mine look like they escaped from an E. Nesbit book.

      Even so, they all gravitate toward particular colours and details in their clothing so they all heave outfits that are theirs alone as wells as dipping into the communal pot for more generic stuff. I suppose I've created them too outspoken in their individual likes and dislikes for everything to be shared.

    15. A lot of my dolls have distinct styles. That said, my MSDs, Yos and SDs have similar sizes and I have a few sibling groups, so there's sharing going on.

      There have been some instances where a top earmarked for an MSD goes to a Yo sized tiny to wear as a dress or vice versa.
    16. If I have something that fits and looks decent on multiple dolls then it's fair game. But there are some things I buy for a specific doll and try to keep it for that specific doll and it's incredibly irritating when I buy something expecting it will actually fit a specific doll but it doesn't fit in the least even though the clothing measurements are right compared to what the dolls measurements show. You just can't win them all...
    17. My 1/3 and 1/4 girls can share a surprising amount of clothes (as in, some, when I would expect "none") especially since my slim ResinSoul/Dollmore girl leans heavily towards too-tight, crop-top looks, while my 1/4 girl is all about baggy. I love trying things on multiple dolls, especially wigs. They don't all have *quite* the same aesthetic, but it's pretty close. Never underestimate the versatility of a nice stretchy tube top :lol:
    18. My three SDs are all similar in size, so they can share some stuff. But they also have distinct styles, so stuff's earmarked for them. They generally share things that overlap in style with someone else. For example, Ollie borrows Elliot's stuff, and Elliot borrows Ji-han's , but Ji-han only borrows a little of Elliot's stuff because he is so picky, and Elliot can't even fit in a lot of Ollie's clothes, not that much of it suits him anyway. And Ji-han and Ollie have yet to overlap.

      And if something fits one, but only suits another, well, that's what swap meets are for. I've had did wear such items temporarily, but it always bothers me.
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    19. All my dolls have shared wardrobes according to their size & gender. The 1:3 girls & guys each have one, same for the 1:4 & 1:6. I love to change clothes & could nver afford a special wardrobe for each doll. That said, there are outfits that one doll will wear more than the others do. Sometimes they get stuck in something for months. Also, some outfits won't always look right on every doll but look fantastic on a certain one so that outfit tends to be come theirs. For instance I have a Tonner American Model dress in lime green & magenta that only my tan Lishe can pull off & she looks amazing in it so it's become hers. But I definitely believe in sharded wardrobes.
    20. We've got a ton of shared clothing, especially as our dolls tend to rotate through characters. It's kept sorted by size & gender for ease, but we cross those lines pretty frequently. And not only down, either! There are several times our 1/3 dolls have stolen a 1/4 shirt or something and managed to wear it, usually by layering over whatever won't close or simply posing in a way that it's not obvious.
      And while we tend to buy things for someone and it'll be referred to as "x's shirt" or similar, the only things I can think of that are specifically only worn by one doll in particular are all cosplay. We have a few fancy lolita things in 1/3 that only one doll wears currently, but that's just a style thing; she'd share if someone wanted to.