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Sharing A Body?

Apr 9, 2007

    1. Hey all, I was curious if I'm the only one that does this.

      I'm a dedicated musician so much of my money ends up being invested in new gear related to the various instruments I use. I had already purchased one head, and I purchased a full doll a little bit later for some variety. Since $400 is steep for another body (especially since both heads are made by the same company), I decided for them to share one body.

      I absolutely love this. My main doll is a Lishe, but if I get tired of her for the moment, I just take off her head, put my 2006 Juri on and voila, new doll. I also love the fact that now if I find another CP head I like, I no longer have to worry about spending a ton of cash; I can just buy the head and I'm ready to go.

      Anyone else do something similar?
    2. Haha i technically have two heads that shares one body too, though now I think one of them is winning it rather permanently for now.

      It's tiring for me mostly because it's rather hard to take their heads off and all^^;
      *has no strength*
    3. for new type delfs its alot easier to do that...but with the older style heads, its a bit more diffcult and it may become annoying or tedious. its all a personal preference really. :D i dont dont have any spare heads that can share Ringo's body. Tober and Dean were going to share but it never happend. so tober must wait patiently for his body. :D
    4. My El (Yaso) and Juri 06 boy (Dalamar) currently share a body, it works fine so far ,but I really want them to have a body each at some point :)
    5. I know a lot of people who's dolls share a body XD I thought it was common practice? Bodies are so expensive.

      Of course, it's only possible if the resins are similar x_x I recently purchased a KN Bada head, who I intended to share a body with my CP Shiwoo for a while.. but their resins are COMPLETELY different. Now, finding resin which matches Bada is very difficult.
    6. I bought a MNF Ruth SS and modded the sleeping head to look different, so now they share a body but I want to buy a Lati blue boy body for the normal Ruth head (when the body's become available separately). But for now I don't mind that they share.
    7. Hmmnn, it just really bugs me if heads had to share bodies( I guess I just like neat little packages LOL).I even really like heads to match bodies( same company rather than hybrids), but my Minimee heads will be going on Domuya Flexi-bodies( as they're half price and couldn't be passed up).:)
    8. I used to share a body between my Leeke and Bambicrony. I liked both girls so much though I ended up buying a new BC body so I can have both dolls out all the time
    9. My floating heads borrow bodies from time to time, but I 'personalise' my dolls bodies too much to make it worthwhile. My NaNuRi can borrow my Elf Yder's body without problems because he's only blushed, but once he gets a body of his own he's going to have tattoos and it'll be weird to have SJ's tats and another doll's head. I can kinda cover those up, but Bertie's got a tail, my two newest dolls will have wings and some of the other body mods I'm planning are pretty severe as well - there's a lot more than resin matches for me to consider!
    10. I like to have bodies for all of my heads. I like having all of my dolls out at once, posed if I'm not playing with them. I like to see them. From spatial and financial considerations it could be very practical to have one body that can share heads, but my tastes are a bit off-the-wall in comparison to each other, so no one could really share at this point and get away with not looking absurd.:lol:
    11. I actually decide who to buy next mainly based on different bodies. I want to acquire a broad range of sizes and shapes quickly, so I can start sewing. In the future, if I end up getting heads from the same company, they'll probably share. The only problem I see is if they're meant to know each other and I want to photograph them together.
    12. All my heads must have bodies. I prefer whole dolls. If I like a face enough to buy it, I want to have it on display. But there's nothing wrong with sharing a body. I'm just a bit obsessive about my dolls.
    13. Same here.

      I don't mind members of the Head Museum body-swapping for awhile... Given the number of heads we have floating around loose or with cloth bodies, it's pretty much inevitable... But eventually everyone has to have a real body of their own. I couldn't deal with permanent floating heads.
    14. i plan to own a bunch of unoa so ican swap faceplates (bodies cost to much) only problem is group shoots -____- i will need to only have like three dolls onescreen at a time
    15. *****n/a*****
    16. I was considering doing just that when I saw the ninodoll Bada head :) Eventually, I would have gotten him his own body. But until then, he would have shared Kiril's.
      So I don't think you're alone on this one.
    17. I hate having floating heads; I just can't do it! *_* Each of my dolls' personality is as much a part of their body as it is of their head. I tried putting my Harang head on my SD10 boy's body, and even though the head matched the body almost perfectly, I just kept thinking, "Gyaaahh!! Body snatcher!! :o " I couldn't stand looking at Harang on a body that was someone else's. :sweat

      If I buy a floating head, I buy it a body ASAP! If I don't, I almost inevitably end up selling the head. I nearly sold the Harang head, but then the flexibodies went on sale... I think a lot of floating heads are going to get their wish of a body from that sale :lol:
    18. I can't share bodies. For some reason, for me, the character that embodies the doll kind of... spreads to the body as well. I have 2 floating heads right now (sadly) and the thought of putting my Hewitt's head on my f-10's body is just... wrong. Their bodies are seperate, just like their characters.

      I've tried to put my Woosoo head on my Yder's body as well (hiding the resin difference, of course) and it felt SO very odd. I couldn't take it for more than a photoshoot or two. >_< Each of my dolls has to have his own body.
    19. I don't think I could swap heads on bodies, at least not in the long term. I like my dolls to interact with each other, so they all have to have bodies.
    20. I see no problem with heads sharing bodies, I just can't do it myself personally. All our dolls are based on characters from stories we've wrriten, some having been around nearly ten years now. They interact with each other in the stories, and some of them are... well, they really just belong in pairs. Like our Elf El (Santino) and our Juri boy (Aiden). Aiden and Santino have always been a pair, whether they were driving each other insane, or romantically involved. To us, anyway, it just felt sort of... wrong, I guess, to have one without the other.

      On the other hand though, if I have a head I want to photograph? Someone's giving up a body. Santino's handed his over twice now to a friend's DoT Shall and just recently to our School A. We tend to scoop up heads we find for "good" prices instead of buying whole dolls at a time, just cause we know we can get the bodies later.