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Sharing the attention - how do you do it?

Feb 8, 2011

    1. If there is already a post like this then please delete this!

      The idea for this topic came to me recently in a conversation with my partner.

      My partner was playing an Xbox360 game that he borrowed off a friend - it was batman arkham asylum, and I like batman so I sat down to watch. Of course once I was sitting down, I got Andi out to sit with me on the couch. After a while I asked my partner whether he thought I gave Andi too much attention, because I always play with her and sew for her, more so than for my other dolls. He laughed at me, and reminded me that I always play with Andi at home because she is hard to take other places because I don't have a carrier for her - she is an SD. So at home Andi watches TV with me on the couch, and sits in bed with my partner and I when we watch StarTrek (because we always watch StarTrek in bed...I don't know why :lol:) My other dolls are all tinies, so get to go out for coffee with me, or go to class with me and things like that.
      And it got me thinking - how does everyone else share their attentions between multiple dolls?
      Do you have specific things you do with some dolls and not others?
      For those of you with only one doll, do you think you would be able to share the attention around if you got another doll?
    2. You aren't being neglectful, they're dolls and they're okay with it, they only get jealous if you let them. If you have a favorite you have a favorite, I spoil Xavier more than my other resins because his character is, for lack of other words, more important to me. I need Xavier more than the others right now. Some times I need a doll I've had for 30 years more.

      I'm all for the right doll for the right event as well, who would enjoy it more? Rian went to the puppet show because he's a puppeteer. Shi Shi travels a lot because he doesn't weigh much and it's fun to watch babies react to him. When there was a store in the mall with clothes that fit her it was fun to give Jibriel a girls' day out. For all of them there's dolls who have never left the house or the shelf they sit on except when I dust. Doesn't matter to them, they still love me.
    3. Well, up until now only my MSDs have gone out to conventions. I don't have a carrier and my girl on a SG body is kind of heavy to lug around all day at a convention. That will hopefully change this year at ACEN, I plan on taking my big girl and my tiny, rather than my MSD.

      As for activity at home... I don't really interact with my dolls too much other than taking photos, blushing/faceupping, and sewing for them. I guess at home my big girl gets the most attention because I like sewing for her, but my tiny sometimes gets to come with me in my purse.

      I don't know, I've never really thought about whether I'm neglecting any of my dolls. Obviously I'm neglecting my floating heads... but it's not like they're people and will notice the slight.
    4. I have lots of dolls and love them all, but usually only play with one or two at a time. It doesn't matter in the least. If I'm not playing with them, they still function as a traditional doll collection, just sitting around looking wonderful. If I want to travel with a doll, I take one of the smaller ones and if I go to a doll function, I take the newest one because people are sometimes curious to see it.
    5. I do pretty much what I can to be sure all get some time. The group as a whole are parts in stories weather main or just fill ins. But as far as traveling with. I would say I always take my #1 guy Shigure to any destinations by car so he has been to Canada, and OH and will maybe go to CO in July. I want to go with DD to Portland in June but that has to be by plane so would love to take a LTF that would enjoy the Leverage ConCon. I have taken Yotsuba to AZ & UT last Sept and I take as many as possible to meet ups. Only ones who don't travel are my Blue Bloods and my Dollstown girls as if I take one I have to take the others. But they will be in stories and around the property.
    6. Fortunately I only have one doll so when I'm around her most of my attention is on that one.
    7. I rotate around depending on who I'm in the mood to spend time with and what dolly projects I'm working on. Some doll get more hands on attention than others, because there's something about them that invites that more.
    8. I don't really do stuff like that with my dolls. If I'm watching TV, they're sitting in their usual spots as 'ornaments' of types. For me to sit one in my lap while watching TV would be the same as taking one of my kitten posters off the wall and putting it in my lap while I watch TV lol. I only really reach for my dolls with the sole intent and purpose of doing doll related things, like photoshoots. Otherwise they just sit in their 'display' area.

      But as far as solo-attention goes; I do tend to play favorites. In the past, I've had dolls that were just overall cuter than other ones I owned and the cutest quickly became my favorite, the others only really got played with if they were being played with while playing with my favorite doll (which was pretty often since I like to have dolls interact with each other, hence why I like having more than one even though I only had one favorite).
    9. I don't feel obligated to pay attention to my dolls equally anymore than I would feel like I have to wear every pair of earrings I own equally or play every videogame I own equally. I don't see the point.
    10. It's really just who I'm in the mood to hang out with more. I have pondered things more closely when deciding who to take places, which is usually based on first who's been out the least, and secondly seniority. Yup, my little resin union often works on seniority :lol:. But other than that it really does come down to mood. If I've been writing about certain characters their resin versions might come out of their boxes -- depending on what I'm writing. If it's nasty stuff, then they'll probably be put back into their boxes :sweat. Yeah, I don't believe they are anything more than inanimate objects, but I'm HIGHLY susceptible to guilt. :sweat
    11. That's why I'm limiting the number of dolls I'm going to get - but I definitely will favor one of them. I'll try not to, but it happens. In the end, it doesn't really matter. I love them all equally, but I just want to do more things with one of them rather than all of them. It's pretty hard to carry around more than one anyway.
    12. For those of you with only one doll, do you think you would be able to share the attention around if you got another doll?

      This is something I've been pondering lately, as I contemplate the pros and cons of buying a second doll (particularly since my one doll is an MSD and I'm contemplating an SD, so they wouldn't "interact"). I'm not sure I could be as fond of a second doll as I am of Marnie, or if I even really need a second doll. I would hate for the second doll to end up being clutter. So I continue to waffle.
    13. I generally play with whichever doll works for what I'm trying to do. If I want a certain photoshoot, then I'll get that specific doll out to dress up, pretty up, and whatever else I feel like doing. Of course, poor Daisuke's been in pieces since fall, due in part to a missing hot glue gun.
    14. I pick who to take to doll meets partially due to who hasn't been out in some time. At any given time one or two dolls get more attention from me than the others, but who exactly that is will vary so overall they all get an equal amount of attention. At the moment it's Myrddin because he finally got his own body, but I need to redo Perseus' face-up so he'll probably be flavour of the month for a couple of weeks or so afterwards. I'm working on some CP girl corsets, which means Christine will get lots of attention as my dressmaking model.

      It all evens out.
    15. I agree with what alot of people are saying, it all depends on the mood to which doll I play with. I spend alot of time dressing my MSD because she's just easier to dress than my 70cm but with him I'll carry him around the house and sit and talk to him (Yea I talk to my dolls, my husband thinks I'm crazy lol)
    16. No-brainer question. I play with whoever I'm into at the moment. One at a time.
    17. I don't even pretend not to have favorites. I do, and they're the ones that get all the attention.
    18. JennyNemesis. I wish this is a no-brainer for me but it's not. :...(

      I do have a favorite, friends, family and even DOA members can see I obviously love Isao (Anthony) best. Sigh. In particular, 2 of my dolls Isao and Yukinojo are very competitive. They are not contented being loved equally. Yukinojo is putting up a very strong challenge to Isao's leadership position in the group and he made it very clear (his way) he is NOT happy I love Isao (Anthony) more. I love them both equally. I can do that. My husband is not pleased with so many boys and no girl. I won't be adopting any more new dolls. If I bring home another pretty boy, I will be in deep trouble.

      Misscarion The idea for this topic also came to me recently in a conversation with my partner/husband.
    19. I honestly don't even worry about it- like Nefla and DollyKim said, it's not as if they actually mind. On the whole, I don't handle my dolls much unless I'm doing a shoot, or a face-up, sewing or building a set. And I haven't had any time for any of that whatsoever lately, so the lot of them have been shelf decorations. Most of the time, I like looking at them, and writing about them and that's enough. Occasionally I take one off the shelf and snuggle it because I snuggle everything that falls under the categories doll, stuffed toy, or pillow. Sometimes it's nice to snuggle something that isn't actually alive and can't wriggle away and whine about not being able to breathe.
    20. Teruchan it's nice to read your level headed post. I guess I might be letting my imagination go wild. 2 nights ago, I had a dream and in that dream, Isao and Yukinojo became real people. I felt exactly how unhappy Yuki really is, his frustrations and hurt. May be, it's just a dream but it was so real. Isao presented himself as Anthony in the dream, he's really charming as a real person. It's just a dream. I shall be like Nefla, Dollykim and all of you who can handle this in a non emotional way. I am surely going to try......I must not let this bother me......hihi, I must say that the dream was sweet.