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Sharmistha - Full-figured Doll

Dec 19, 2010

    1. From the News thread here:

      Thought I would start a discussion thread as this one is sure to get a lot of comments. If this is the wrong place please move it to the appropriate forum. :)

      I think the body is really interesting. It must weigh a lot, though- even regular SD size dolls can get kind of heavy. But still- it is a refreshing change from the trend towards more and more anorexic-looking dolls. Whether it sells or not I guess will remain to be seen. But I certainly applaud the effort. I'd love to see it dressed.
    2. Seeing her naked I didn't really like her body, but clothed she looks SO GOOD! I really like her in the green outfit with that head.
    3. I don't think that is the same body ^^;
    4. I totally appreciate the concept as a full-figured gal myself. The nipples scare me a bit. They're so prominent beneath clothes. If there's a bra or modesty pad out there to fit her they'd help. Speaking of, what size doll clothes work for her?
    5. Though the feet seem a little small to me, I must say as a full figured woman myself and even if I wasn't, that body is actually really appealing. Gorgeous and so very wonderful to see something so much more realistic! I love, love, love the curves and the general shape. Wonderful sculpting, I'd love to one day own one of these beauties myself.

      I for some reason really love her butt. It looks shapely and pinchable. lol
    6. I still like her in the purple get up. I just don't like that particular head.
    7. Oh man As a full figure girl myself she is AMAZING! I love her. Now if I could figure out what to do with her she might have to join my collection. She needs a cute head too. Oh man.

      She is cool. I hope she does well for you.

      She reminds me of Queen Latifa in Chicago, Big and beautiful!
    8. Big, BOLD and beautiful. That's definitely a wonderful looking body. The more I look at the body, the more I want one. I was hoping to one day get a doll to be me and if I can find the right head, this body would just be perfect. Definitely a huge want now.
    9. If I ever get that Oasisdoll head, that's the body I want for that character Eve...
    10. I really love seeing this! I like her body too since it looks like mine as well, the head is very cute for the body. I like it!
    11. I would be very curious on measurements...esp. the neck so it becomes easier to find potential head

      Really love this comparison photo:

    12. It does make me wonder how a minimee head would look on the body. It is nice to see something like this.
    13. As a plus-sized person myself, I kind of feel obligated to be supportive of this just on general principles, but I like how she looks! :eusa_pray
      If the neck size is right for a Soony, you could certainly tweak it for a Minimee. If the resin is a match for LUTS, you 'd have to blush the head to match the body a little better, but I can totally see this working.
      I too would love to see the engineering for her posing, plus more clothed shots, and measurements.

    14. Well, this is...interesting. I like it but I wish the buttocks were better sculpted, like raar- in your face, baby got back- I dunno! I guess I'm crazy! I like a nice backside on my dolls!

      Anyway, I'm sure with time the sculpting will get better and better, I look forward to seeing more of your doll works, and kudos on the departure from the norm!

      Oh, and I agree on the small feet and will raise you small hands. I like big hands too!

      The prominent nips remind me of my own dear Eisheth. Dollmore isn't exactly sticklers for boobs with the right errr, weight, or realism...
    15. This is interesting. I wonder how hollow she is, or if she is very heavy. I would really like to see how well she poses.
    16. I love how curvy she is! I love the representation of a curvier body type for the dolls.
    17. I LOVE this body! It would be perfect for a few of my characters who are shapelier. The feet are a little small, yes, but I still love it. It looks quite real to me.
    18. Nepenthes> wow congrats for your creation ! I think you have to be brave to make a doll that's out of the usual model~thin~as~a~twiggy visual.
      I find this body very interesting both in concept and in the way it's sculpted. I'm interested in this full figure as a part of a potential hybrid character doll I wish made and never find the good shell body before this one.

      We need more "artistic" looking picture also!

      For the feet, maybe we'll be able to put some sd 13 or sd boy feet, or sd13 girl curved /arched feet ?
      For the nip, a little and gentle sanding would maybe needed, but for me, that's the part of the "concept" behind this body: out of the norm!

      As for her clothing, man, how I wish I could design some of my creations for her! I created a bunch of haute couture fashion for "Emme" the full figure doll from Tonner and it was very interesting challenge; so in a sd size girl it will be rockin' awesome!!!Like St James said indian like or like Phynix pointed it like Queen latifa in chicago, or edwardian well so much potential!
    19. Sakurache I know the things you could do with her would be AMAZING! she has such a lovely look in the sculpt and with the right head so much. I was just thinking one of the soul doll zenth(is that it?) heads would look amazing for a queen elizabeth doll, a bit stout, curvey, and attitude. This doll is just full of win. I keep comeing back to look at her.

      I think I have to agree more photos are needed, with another head if could be. I know you made it to she could have feet that would fit into girl sd shoes and man I appreciate that, but maybe we could look into shoes that are bigger then the standard 7.5? (I say we, meaning if your interested someone might off the top of there head know of a company that make shoes bigger)

      She is stunning really she is. Ugh I didn't want another doll on my wants list!
    20. She would also make a lovely body for a SD sized minime of Catherine Tate/Donna Noble.