Shelling a BJD of a pet

Aug 16, 2016

    1. Just wanted to know if there are people who have made dolls of their pets, current or past. if so place a picture in there. i want to make a doll of my recently passed rabbit, and make her a human, a minifee mio. Just wanted to see if this waa a common thing or a lil 'strange' or anything.

      thanks guys
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    2. Denali Wind on YouTube has uploaded many videos of their doll Kapu who's based off of one of their dogs. Perhaps this will be of interest to you ;v;

      A Tribute to Kapu - YouTube
    3. yay im not the only one with pets as dolls:)
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    4. I have two dolls based of my pets. One is just a doll that represents my pet bird, and another is a character in my story that is based off my German Shepherd on both looks and personality. I can show you a picture of the bird and the doll when I get home. For the dog and the doll, hopefully he arrive by this weekend.
    5. ohhh exciting that your new doll gets in soon, both sound lovely :)
    6. oh yeah, thanks :)
    7. I have dolls representing my cats! I started shelling them in 2013 after my mom's cat, who was also my childhood cat, passed away. It's not uncommon at all.
    8. I think tht is a really cool idea to honor your pet and am gonna have to borrow the idea for a much beloved cat I lost about 5 years ago, hugz
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    9. Sure thing go ahead, its a good idea that has apparently been done before but it is a really good idea especially for a loss of a pet too soon/young.
    10. I have actually, not as a pet or companion doll but like you're planning as a human (well, half human half werewolf to be exact), he's based after my father's dog who died when I was in my teens.

      Buddy was the dog's name and I loved him very much even though he wasn't exactly
      my dog, the doll I shelled him into is an Iplehouse Shadow Chase which I thought was perfect since Buddy was an all black half wolf dog (Iplehouse's ebony skin was the closest I could come to an actual all black 70cm boy doll, aside from spray painting a doll black! :o), which is why my Chase (Lupin) is half werewolf.

      My doll's also got a few traits of my mother's newest dog Bell who just can't seem to get enough of me, that dog literally follows me
      everywhere when I'm at my mother's house (even into the bathroom!), so my doll has some of her traits too.

      I think it's sweet when people do things like that, basing dolls after friends, family, pets, etc that have passed away or are simply loved so much that they inspire that kind of action :kitty2
    11. I have! Though she's off topic for DoA, so I'll just link a photo here. I created the doll to look as much like my Rat Terrier as physically possible. So here's the link to Armani and Minnie (Mini Armani).

      I don't think it's a weird thing to do at all, whether you're trying to get a bjd replica of your pet, or just using your pet as inspiration for your doll's character. Many many people use their family, friends and celebrities as inspiration, why not pets?
    12. If I had the money and could find the right doll, I would shell one for my friends boxer in a heartbeat.
    13. Quite tempting to do since I lost a dear pet and I'd love to make it as a tribute.... but I do think I'd rather save up for different dolls/dolls that I actually have in my plans. Perhaps when I'm satisfied with my future crew, I'll think of purchasing a pet BJD since it's also quite cute in itself- with or without a character.
    14. It's a great idea, I have ideas for a creation of my pet cat, who passed away 2 months ago.