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Shelling Trans OCs

Jun 14, 2016

    1. I'm curious, has anyone made a trans oc with their doll? Did you buy them their desired gender or bought the one they were born with.
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    2. yeah! why not? i really like the idea.. in fact i was thinking on something similar.
    3. I have one trans doll at the moment. :) She's a WIP right now though
      Morgan is a non-binary trans woman. She is gonna be on a male body, because of the fantasy setting of the universe, but I also don't think she is 100% against her body. She has some dysphoria but in varying degrees. Morgan is an IOS Anos.
      Besides that, I have plans of bringing home a character, I had once. He's a binary trans guy, and like Morgan, he'll be on a female body, because transition isn't possible. He'll be an Iplehouse HID Bella with small bust, if all goes well!
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    4. My first doll is going to be a trans guy.
      The doll I've got picked out is a male body, but not super masculine or manly -- it's pretty androgynous and I think that's perfect for my character.

      I feel like because within the canon of our game, he has rather small breasts and binds anyway, it wouldnt make sense to have a female doll body for him.
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    5. I have a couple but they're both non-binary, one was on a boy body to start with and just started leaning towards nb, the other I still have to pick a body for and I'm thinking for the character that they're AFAB but I might get a boy body because they bind and pack. If I have a trans boy or girl in future it'd depend where in their transition they are/whether they go for op or not
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    6. I had always planned to make one; my first doll was actually going to be one. I bought a boy that I wanted to be a girl. I had him that way for a long while before I ended up changing his character, but that's the way he was when I got my first doll!
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    7. Ive seen a lot of trans/fluid/etc dolls around, its not uncommon!
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    8. Cheers to @Wolfie Pie for the shout out - nearly all my dolls are trans, actually - I haven't gotten around to giving them all modified bodies, yet, nor do I think I will for all of them, because trans bodies aren't always about taking the assigned-gender body and doing some modifications. One of my lot is trans, but is tall and muscular - and I think it's important to keep in mind that trans bodies can look like a great range of things :) I'm super excited to see what you'll do, though! The beauty of bjds is, to my mind, their infinite scope for modification and customisation, and damn I love me some trans dollies.
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    9. Oh this makes me a lot less nervous about having a trans bjd :D!
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    10. Ahhhh i love it when I hear of people making trans characters! Its wonderful for creating more diversity. We sorely need more representation...

      I have a few trans dollies planned myself, but money is stopping me from being able to buy them haha.

      On another note, I agree with the others, I'd love to see what you come up with!!! Best of luck ♡
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    11. I wish I could see photos of your trans dollies as I have one plan in mind. :D
    12. I have a doll who is gender fluid, and has some slight mods to a small bust female body, to be androgynous. I also have another character who I haven't shelled yet, who's currently transitioning, and he'll get a modded female body. His character isn't yet finalized, so I don't yet know which. In my other universe, body swapping is legitimately a thing, so a fair number of the characters are trans or fluid, and will go in Non-modded bodies.
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    13. I have a few trans dolls, they're not on modified bodies. While I have ummed and ahhed over it for a while, I don't actually know any trans people who have undergone full gender reassignment surgery (I know a couple of guys who've had breast removals though), so I didn't think it was terribly important to ensure my dolls had 'post surgery' bodies. One is a trans girl on a female body, one is a NB individual on a male body, and one is a trans girl on a male body. I have a couple of other gender non-conforming dolls, but I wouldn't consider them trans really.

      I think that it's really up to you how you want to portray your doll as trans. I talk with my trans friends about it (several of them are in the hobby) and make sure I'm not doing something inadvertently offensive, but other than that I just go with my gut. I'm lucky to have a large number of trans friends so I've learned a lot about their experiences and the different perspectives of different people. For me, I'm not usually a huge fan of heavily modded dolls (I don't dislike them, I actually think they're awesome, I just don't feel a desire to own them) so for me it was something that I didn't especially want to do, or feel was necessary. I love that there are a lot of different kinds of trans dolls out there, just like there are a lot of different kinds of trans people. :) I do eventually want to sand off my trans girl's penis, but I've already had her for like over five years so I'm clearly not desperate to get that done :lol:

      @Lupie_Stardust I hadn't seen your boy's mods before but WOW you nailed it! Beautiful work :aheartbea
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    14. I'm not sure what the OC means in the original post but I would make a trans doll. I want something more than a head swap or dressing boy doll in girl clothes.
    15. Hey, cheers! I agree with you about representation of trans bodies - we trans people have a huge variety of bodies, so it's nice to have trans dolls that aren't all modified, or only a little modified, as well as "cis swap" ones. Obviously for personal reasons I enjoy more variant-bodied dolls.

      I'm going to share a couple of pictures because I.. can't not, really...

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      This is Vicious! He's a Little Rebel Jelle on a Dollzone 58cm body that I've heavily (but not completely) mastectomised. Isn't he gorgeous? I am really obsessed with this body and I'll definitely be buying another for another of my lovely boys. It's got a good balance of delicate arms and really strong-looking thighs and the contoured underbust of the chest joint doesn't look as weird as I thought it would when the breasts are sanded.
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    16. He's stunning!! Honestly one of the things that turned me away from wanting my dolls modded was what you mentioned in your thread about the 'top down' method of sanding that leaves the breasts looking really peculiar, I think I would be way more interested if I had one done your way because they look fantastic! :love:
    17. Thank you! :) It's really nice to have people who are very receptive to body variance in dolls, especially as the market as it stands is still quite prescriptive in terms of how it labels anatomical set-ups and so on, but that's a wider society problem, obviously ;)

      Yeah, you gotta sand them towards the nipple (wherever you want the nipple to sit) like you're sharpening a pencil. Then you can round everything off in circles. Doing saggy breasts is actually easier than doing perky ones, for some reason. I still need to perfect making very small wide-set breasts - getting the sternum down flat from The Big Round Cleavage is very challenging..!
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    18. I have a few, and my general rule of thumb is that if the character is old enough to likely have transitioned fully, I'll get them in a body that fits their post-op look. If the character is too young to have had surgery, I get them in the body assigned at birth. So I have one who's supposed to be about 27-28, so she has a female body. And then I have one who's supposed to be about 16-17, so she has a male body.
    19. I'm trans and get really happy when I see people making trans ocs. I have a trans girl oc and some genderqueer ocs, and the trans girl I'm saving up for will have a body with breasts etc. because she's medically transitioned. My trans boy oc has a similar body because he has not medically transitioned. So I guess it depends :)
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