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SHIN's Pathway / Sanpomichi-Koubou (new original dolls)

Aug 27, 2005

    1. Zoi no Miko and I met this artist promoting his dolls at the Nagoya Dolpa and we thought overseas doll fans would be interested to learn about them. He makes original SD size female dolls with really impressive posing. I was very surprised to see how well his dolls could do poses like kneeling or holding hands close to the face. His heads are mature looking and have a kind, gentle quality to their expressions.

      We talked to him for some time. His website is all in Japanese but he speaks English quite well. He said that although he's never sold a doll internationally before, he's willing to look into how to do it. So if any of you like his dolls, don't be afraid to e-mail him.


      (click "shop" for his original dolls)
    2. Oh wow, there are some pretty dolls here. I'm gonna have to sit down with babelfish later on and figure out some of this stuff. So do you pick out what type of body you want and then which head?

      it's a little confusing, will have to look more. I like the girl in the photo for the 550.000 yen body
    3. If it's the same doll I'm looking at, he mentions that it's a Volks Madoka head. ^^

      The posing does look impressive!
    4. He just has the one body, and I think.... 6 different heads you can get? And god, the body is _AMAZING_. Seriously the best posasbility I have ever seen in a resin body. And it`s very slender and beautiful. Makes me want another girl. ^^;;;;

      This page shows the different headmolds:

      http://homepage3.nifty.com/doi-shin/SHOP/000Head LineUp/Head LineUp.html
    5. I saw him, but I don't know how I missed you guys!
      I was surprised to learn he had made them himself.
      They're really well done!
    6. :lol: Well that explains it!

      I saw those heads, very nice. I liked the first one the most I think. They remind me more of a Japanese styled doll.

      I hope if anyone contacts him about how the orders are to be made, such as does the price include the head and what else comes with it, that they post the info here, or maybe ask him if he could post it here? I am sure more people would like to find out about these dolls.
    7. Oh, I've always enjoyed this site - but I haven't seen it in a long time (since I lost many links in a crash.) How cool that you met him! He does do some cool customizations. ^_^

      Edit: Wow - there's a whole lot more leaves than the last time I was there. This may take awhile. O_o
    8. Naaanooo *in zombie voice*
      She's GREAT. I love her eyes! They aren't ginormous! Big eyes aren't my thing.
      What dainty girls..
      And I love the "twisty part" at the top of the thigh.. oh those things help so much. My little 11 inch grey artist's doll has those.
      Wish I could speak Japanese right about now.. sure I'm not alone. I may email him to see if you can buy heads seperatly, incase I can't wait to save up for a body...
    9. (third post in a row, agh)
      I've been perusing around his site. Lovely kimonos. I like them all. The layers on the cream/scarlet one are amazing.
      If I bought a doll from Japan, I'd want her to have a kimono. I've been hanking for Alice to have a Hanbok (is that what it's called? I can't remember if that's the name of the entire outfit, or just the short jacket..)

      Lookit! He even looms little rugs!
      When I collect myself enough, I think I'm going to send him an email. Right now I'd just go on and on and sound really inarticulate.
    10. those bodies are awesome when posed.. i want one T.T