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Shiny by Cat Grove Doll - discussion

Apr 17, 2007

    1. at first I thought No ...I do not like her

      but the more I look at her I think I could take to her
      I like her in the fur wig ...dont like the black wig at all

      would like to see more of her
    2. I like her! To me she has that whole ugly/pretty thing going on, and to me that's a good thing. *pets her*
    3. I like the face...but has anyone noticed that the girl appears to have been pieced together with different color resin pieces? Look at her left hand in the last two pictures, and the left calf in the last picture. :sweat

      Weird. ^^;

      But hey, she does have kinda an old fashioned look to her, which I think is cute. :)


    4. Yes, my first reaction to the photo was she looked like an antique Bebe style.

      This could be quite nice for those who like the look and would like a bjd with that particular style.

      It would be cool if some of the old antique dresses could fit her!
    5. I suspect that the doll was still a work in progress when the pictures were taken and that the hand, for example, was not the final resin hand but the original prototype.
    6. I want to see more pictures her face is kinda cute :lol:
    7. I like her too, she reminds me of an antique bebe. :)

    8. I though that too
      she has got a very old look to her

      I think I like her ..she is growing on me
    9. I really like her face. Her hands didn't appeal to me, much, though. I also thought maybe she is a work in progress, so perhaps her hands will look better in the future.

    10. I like her face too but not so sure about her height - a bit small for me to handle comfortably. If someone comes out with a "Bru" or "Googly" tiny, I'll be doomed.
    11. She's got a Cat-mouth =3 <- like that. Very cute. I actually saw this a few days ago, I didn't realise she was new ^^;;;

      But her hands disturb me. If someone buys her, I wonder if they can show whether her hands are really like that?
    12. She is kinda cute and different. Her face reminds me of Yomo with the big cheeks. I'd like to see more pictures though.
    13. New pictures of her are up and they include the body.
      It looks like she is more finished now, and the price isn't bad as it includes the face up. I rather like her, except for the stiff handsl.
    14. Another cute little girl! But now that I've had a experience with solid body dolls, I'm a little gunshy. Some are difficult to sit up!
    15. I think she would look a lot better with a different nose... It just looks too upturned for my tastes. Besides that I like her face shape and subtle face-up.
    16. Yes! She has character and personality, and oddly enough, while her mouth shape doesn't look particularly human, there's something very real about her. Her expression and the lack of perfect prettiness, I guess.

      ETA: I just realised that she reminds me of the one doll my mother kept from her childhood, and Australian made hard plastic doll from the 1950s. If Shiny said "Mama" when you tipped her up, I'd be in love.
    17. I really like her, in fact she is the tiny i am considering buying to pal-up with my George (Baha). She will be the first real tiny - when i get the cash together that is.
      I like her more old fashioned look and i actually prefer one-piece bodies as i think they look so nice. I know they don't pose as well but i can put up with that on a little one like this. She's just lovely ^_^
    18. I have both one piece and two (and three) piece bodies, don't really find the one piece that much less poseable in these tiny dolls. Makes them much less fiddly to dress and stand. These newer pictures still make the doll look a bit rough and unfinished. I would love to sea RL picures.