ShinyDOLL Discussion thread II

May 25, 2012

    1. One week after she arrived...
      Youki finally has a face - even if it's only a temporary one and not very good. She needs better fitting eyes, eyelashes and a wig that actually fits her head. I had better get to work on it! Wish parabox would restock the 8" center part wigs.

    2. Shinygirls love KANIS 16mm eyes, and the color BEIGE fits them very much.
    3. Thank you for the tip. Unfortunately I had already ordered new eyes and a wig before I saw your post. They should be coming in the next week. If the eyes don't work out I will definitely look at Kanis. Do you have a link to them? I've not heard of them before.
    4. Here is the link.
    5. Thank you! I've added the link to my bookmarks : )
    6. Tatu, your Youki looks great! I don't have any Kanis eyes, and might need to check them out as well!

      oooo, a shiny new thread for ShinyDOLL! A wonderful excuse to spam my adorable Hikali (again...)!

      EDIT: MODS edited the thread to "Thaasa", but you can see my endless Hikali spam in the Fragille thread!

    7. These eyes look similar to the Lauschaer Glasaugen eyes (also German) that I use for my Akali They are beautifully detailed eyes with sharp, clear lines- perfect for our more petite featured Shinygirls :)

      Wally, what a cute, cute Hikali (love her rocking horse shoes)!

      Here's some spam of Tuyen with her guy for the new thread:

    8. WhoooHooo!!!! My Kanagi is back from ravendolls, and she is just gorgeous! Thanks raven, I love her!!!!
    9. ^
      Ahh I love them!! :D:aheartbea Kanagi looks a little like my true love Feefee/Eefee! I'm so excited, after June I hope to finally order my dream doll Feefee, I can't wait! Finally a Shinydoll will be mine!! *evil laugh* :sweat
    10. Ah Zomboid, good for you! A ShinyDOLL on the near horizon! I will admit here (my dolls can't read this, so it's ok), my Eefee is my truest love, and constant companion!
    11. My cancan-j-series 8" wig came in. It fit perfectly, except for the bangs being a bit long, on both Youki(B) and Nanae. Pictures to come after my exams are over.
    12. Hi everyone
      I live in New Zealand and I'm a huge ShinyDoll fan. I currently own a Yakki Elf and Akali B - unfortunately they share a body at this point. I am hoping to get another Thaasa body soon :)

      Here is my Yakki
    13. Wally, your Kanagi is simply gorgeous! :lol: I just love her. Think I need to start saving again!
    14. dollfanz, you already know your Yakki is my all time fave! Just love her styling and faceup!
    15. Thanks Wally :D

      I have finally found my Akali's face she is. Love this gentle girl!

    16. dollfanz, your Akali is gorgeous! Love her faceup, and her wig is perfect! Akali always feels gentle and wise to me. ShinyDOLL sculpts definitely have their own personalities!
    17. Thanks wally, she really is a gentle soul, and isn't even minding much that she is sharing her body with Yakki atm ;)
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    18. beautiful photo Ciantha!