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ShinyDOLL [Fragille] Information and Discussion

Jan 10, 2010

    1. ShinyDOLL Fragille HIKALI shy enough to pose...
      [Nudity] ShinyDOLL Fragille HIKALI too shy to pose in the nude........
      ShinyDOLL Fragille HIKALI : still shy to be portrated..........

      Now available.
      Fragille HIKALI flesh base model
      Fragille SUZUNE flesh base model
      Fragille body flesh

      Height (including a head)42cm

      [Dealer sites]
      ShinyDOLL site (in English)
      ShinyDOLL site (in Japanese)
      jpopdolls site (US dealer)
      NemuiDoll site (UK/Europe dealer)
      WIND DOLLSsite(French language based dealer)

      [Related pages]
      Diary while body development.
      BJDcollectasy ~ShinyDOLL Fragille~

      [Related pages on DOA]
      The first day and the last day of sized Shinydoll Mini production.
    2. [​IMG]

      Two heads available for Fragille.

      HIKALI[hi-ka-li], younger sister of AKALI
      wig:7inch eyes:12~14mm

      SUZUNE[su-zu-ne]. Anime type head
      wig:7inch eyes:14~16mm
    3. English link isn't going to English, LOL :D
    4. Hi! I need to email again? Or my order of Hikali is accepted?
    5. IngieBee-san,
      Thank you. ^^

      Your order is accepted. Thank you. ^^
    6. Doi Shin - this will need to be put into the sales section on DoA as they don't allow sales posts in the discussion section (hope you don't mind me pointing that out, don't want you to get into trouble!))

      Best of luck with your sales, she is lovely :)
    7. kayjay -san,
      Thank you very much for your comments.
      I will do that. ^^
    8. OMG I want Hikali!!!!
      I hope that I can ordered one soon (before 5th march) :)
    9. I am getting a Hikali! I already ordered some cute outfits for her ^^
    10. bridget-san,
      If you really need one, from 1st-lot by special price,
      please order as soon as possible for reserving one for you.
      Payment can be done until March 5th, (not just after ordering). ^^
    11. babytarragon-san,
      Thank you for inviting HIKALI.
      I am longing to see the outfits. ^^
    12. I love your dolls- I don't know if you remember my contortionist with the shinydoll head. I'll have to start saving my money- your dolls are so beautiful! I'm very excited that you are making some new ones in this size.
    13. cirquemon -san,
      I thank you for your comments.
      Yes, I remember your NANAE very well. ^^
      Fragille can not be the best contortionist, but could be like ordinary human lady, with her newly developed elbow and knee joints. ^^
    14. OoO! So exciting, she is beautiful. Although Doi Shin, forgive me for being critical, but I feel that if you did pictures of Fragille on a darker background she would allow more contrast to her beautiful features and thereby show off your gorgeous work better (insert bowing emoticon here ;).)

      So, if we order through Jpop, do we pay by March?
    15. Stella Maris-san,
      Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, you are right.
      But , unfortunately it's physically impossbile now. ^^);;
      ShinyDOLL does not have casted products yet.
      On the other hand, in order to avoid damages to the finished original sculpts or parts, ShinyDOLL does not want to string them by rubber string before molding.
      I am so sorry for the inconveniences with limited photos. ^^);;

    16. I understand Doi Shin, just going slightly blind trying to see her lil face, heh heh.
    17. Stella Maris -san,
      Oh, oh,
      About face,
      I have just casted sample of the three new heads.
      I think I will upload photos of these three with faceup in several days time.
      I hope you enjoy them. ^^
    18. I am sure I will!
    19. I love to see more of Suzune's pics. She's so adorable!!:fangirl:
    20. I really love her. =v= Will we eventually be able to order the body separately? This body is amazing.