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[ShinyDOLL] New heads and body SALEs!

Oct 18, 2010

    1. [ShinyDOLL] New heads and body SALEs!
      ShinyDOLL recently released four new heads and new body "Thaasa III".
      It's a great chance to experience these new line up.

      Below are offered by Special price until Nov. 18th.

      BaseModel LINA flesh
      BaseModel LINA white
      BaseModel CHIZUNE flesh
      BaseModel CHIZUNE white
      BaseModel eefee flesh
      BaseModel eefee white
      BaseModel Feefee flesh
      BaseModel Feefee white
      Faceup by ShinyDOLL style is also available if needed.

      Thaasa III is the most ellegant combination of Sculpt and Posability ever. You will find confortable doll life with it.

      If you have any questions, please ask ShinyDOLL or ShinyDOLL's dealers.

      LINA (anime type head)

      CHIZUNE (anime type head)

      eeFee ( elf type head )

      FeeFee ( real human type head)