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ShinyDOLL News: New heads released. AKANE, SALI and SELI. !

Jul 13, 2008

    1. ShinyDOLL released AKANE, SALI and SELI.
      AKANE and SALI for Thaasa body.
      SELI for Pricco body.

      SAYANE, AKANE, SALI, SELI are designed to be animeish heroines.

    2. ShinyDOLL's new heads.





      SAYANE is especially designed to be anime heroine.
      Make your own heroine by sayane-head!

    3. ShinyDOLL's released there new heads.
      All of them are designed to be anime heroines with real type sculpt.






    4. are they made of resin... I am kind of confused.
    5. Yes, ShinyDOLL's are made of resin.
    6. hrmm....This may not be right for this thread but....



      Our Beloved Shinku [Rozen Maiden]

      I hope shinydoll got permission to use these characters because I know that Angellstudio[i think it was] got in trouble for using the likenesses of angel sanctuary characters without permission
    7. Since ShinyDOLL hasn't named the dolls after the Evangelion or Rosen Maiden characters, nor is he selling the dolls with the clothing, I don't think this is the same as the Angel Sanctuary character thing. These are merely style shots to illustrate the potential of the dolls.

      Edit to add: Shin does have a one year license from Gainax to sell the uniform domestically (within Japan).
    8. oh ok then.. ^.^ I just thought I'd point it out...I didnt realize until after I posted that it was just the heads anyway...

    9. Bukimisu-san,
      Thank you very much for your fantastic comments.
      I was very happy hearing that you remembered these anime characters.

      I was so glad having your comments.

      I made discussion thread here, and wrote some.
      I hope you all here enjoy it.