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ShinyDOLL [Pricco] Information and Discussion

Oct 16, 2009

    1. ShinyDOLL's tiny doll Pricco-series.
      KAOLI and SAOLI heads available now.

      KAOLI Pricco(30cm)

      SAOLI Pricco(30cm)

      *****related sites or pages*****

      ShinyDOLL site (in English)
      ShinyDOLL site (in Japanese)
      jpopdolls site (US dealer)
      indollgence site (Australian dealer)
      NemuiDollsite(UK/European dealer)
      WIND DOLLSsite(French language based dealer)

      *****kAOLI and SAOLI heads*****
      eye size: 14mm or 16mm eyes.
      wig size: 7inches.

      *****Pricco II body*****
      designed as ten years old girl's
      hip joints and knee joints, having specially designed construction, offers high posing stability.

      The size of the torso is very close to Yo-SD.
      Waist is a little bit small.
      Leggs are longer than Yo-SD. So, it's 30cm tall.

      *****related threads on DOA*****

      ShinyDOLL Information and Discussion 
    2. Does anyone own one of these cute girls? I've been trying to find owner pictures but haven't had any luck. I'm thinking Saoli would make a good friend for my Yosd :)
    3. Hi, HY_Kitty-san,
      Unfortunately, they have not expanded to the market well as bigger Thaasa II body did.:sorry
      I hope more people know and enjoy the face expression, ten years old girl's body line, and posability & stability of the Pricco II body.:3nodding:

    4. Aww, I'm actually surprised because they are quite lovely. I love smiling dolls so I think that's one of the main reasons I want Saoli. I'm hoping I can place an order sometime around Christmas. :lol:
    5. I'm getting my Kaoli on Sunday! *skips around the room*

      I will try to get some cute owner photos for everyone soon. Such a shame these dolls aren't seen on DoA... I want to make them seen...haha.

      NYKitty: I used to have a Pricco I Kiki (I found her too serious, Kaoli looks more cheerful) and a Yo-SD Tanpopo and I think the dolls would be adorable together. Pricco dolls are slightly more mature than Yo-SD, so a bit taller and slimmer so they should make a cute pair, like an older and younger sister ^^
    6. I got her! Her face is even cuter in real life (so smiley!), can't wait to get her home and paint her!

      I will do a photo review of the new body, it's got a really clever hip and knee. The new simplified hip has a slight lock so that she stands really securely and the new simpler knees can stop at any position. Really impressive design.
    7. Congratulations on bringing Kaoli home babytarragon :D I am also very tempted to add one of these little girls to my family :aheartbea

      If possible, could you please post a pic of Kaoli with your Acacia? I would love to see how they interact :chocoheart
    8. babytarragon-san,
      I am so happy that you are happy with Kaoli.
      I also very much longing to see your faceup.:love:ablink::blush:nosebleed

    9. Congrats! I can't wait to see your Kaoli. I'm so anxious to hear/see about how they can pose.
    10. babytarragon-san,
      Thank you for all the photos in posts.:):)
      I love her shy looking character.:love:love
    11. [​IMG]

      More Saoli here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5592687#post5592687

      She is such an adorable little doll- I am having lots of fun posing her & finding cute wigs. One question- do other peeps find a 6-7 or a 7-8 wig fit best (Brands too please)? I guess it depends on the stretchiness of the wig cap? The one she has on here is a standard Monique 7-8 as I like to have the option of tucking her ears under :)
    12. Saba-san,
      Thank you for the Photos! :)
      I always enjoy seeing faceups which is different from mine.
      Your Saoli-san has very unique character.:):)
      The posing is also unique.:3nodding::3nodding:
    13. Thank you Shin-san! Saoli is really for my 6 yr old, but she lets me play with her too :blush :) ! My daughter has named her 'Bell' :D
    14. Hello!
      I'm signing in because my Pricco II Saoli is here, and I wanted to give my review/pimp these 'different' kids! ^_^

      First off, they're more like an MSD or Slim Mini than a Yo, so if the toddler aesthetic is not your thing but you like small dolls, then Pricco II should please you immensely!

      She's lighter than I was expecting, but well balanced and (of course) impeccably engineered. She's very poseable in a way I haven't experienced with other brands at all, she doesn't fight you, isn't kicky or fiddly, she simply holds whatever position you put her in (what an idea).

      The resin is like Unoa resin in quality, it has that slightly waxen look that screams "Hello Quality", but has a nice matte textured finish. She has seams, which I plan to sand sometime, but they don't look bad at all, it should be a breeze!

      It was getting dark as she arrived so pics (or links thereto) will have to wait, but I wanted to stop by and squee for a bit.

      It's going to be fun to dress her, I have her in funky mismatched clothing atm.

      Has anyone tried on YoSD sized pants, jeans or shorts?

    15. Jpop is listed as the usa seller but I dont see picco on there for sale??
    16. Hi TreeLore, so nice to see you in this group too. They are up there in the ShinyDoll section, my webmaster redid the site to add the new dolls. So maybe clear your cookies and try again.
    17. Fragille heads on Pricco body.



      SUZUNE 1
      SUZUNE 2

      SUZUNE seems to fit Pricco body well.