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ShinyDOLL released THAASA's 9th head FELICE

Oct 2, 2005

    1. [​IMG]
      ShinyDOLL(Sampomichi-Koubow) released THAASA's 9th head FELICE.
    2. website link?
    3. You can either click the 'WWW' button, or the leaf in the signature.

      She is very unique!
    4. oh she's beautiful. i like how realistic she looks~
    5. Is Shiny Doll from Japan?

      Thanks in advance.
    6. Thank you very much for everyone for watching FELICE.
      I am SHIN, doll artist in JAPAN.
      ShinyDOLL, which is called "sampomichi-koubow" inside Japan, is managed by me.
      I am very happy if you love ShinyDOLL's realistic THAASA-heads and highly posable THAASA-body.

      Sampomichi-Koubow will participate "DOLL SHOW" on Oct 10 in Hamamatu-cyo,Tokyo,Japan.
      FELICE and others will be there.
    7. Thanks for the answer! :D I wish I could attend to the doll show.
      Too bad I'm not in Japan, so wish you have a wonderful time in the show. ^^
      And please take pictures if you can... U///U I think a lot people would love to see it.
    8. Shin,
      What sweet and delicate dolls you have. Would love to see more photos of them.
      Good luck at the doll show.
    9. Thank you very much for your words of encouragement.
      As I arranged ShinyDOLL page in order, I think it gets easier to find THAASA photos.
    10. Oh, Shin, as I've said before, I LOVE the Thaasa body. It's so...poseable! Wonderful!

      I was wondering...how does the skin tone compare to other companies, do you know? Is it much paler, or darker? I'm trying to find a beauty white (white skin) doll body for a special, custom cat-head I'm getting, and how well the body can pose is the most important thing to me! I looked at many, many bodies, and I think that the Thaasa body might be the one for me.

      Thank you!

      - Kiya
    11. woa-- what a unique mold! It's so awesome to see all of these new doll companies crop up with their own style. .. *_*
    12. Hi,Kiyakotari-san, Thank you very much for your query.

      THAASA' s regular colour is "pinky ivory" which is close to VOLKS' old standard colour before pure skin colour appears.
      All stocks of THAASA parts are of this colour.

      But if you give me a few weeks, other two colours are avalable.
      One is "ivory" which , I beleave, is close to VOLKS' white skin colour,
      and the other is "white", which is complete bright pure white.
    13. Wow, that body is incredible! Makes me wish I wanted a girl. :cry: Any chance you have plans to ever make a boy version? *hopeful*

      Kiyakotari, I think one of these bodies would be AMAZING with the Mau head! :D
    14. I agree, a boy version would be PERFECT for a character I've got in mind. The posing is phenomenal... what an incredible and gorgeous sculpt!

      I will definitely keep this body in mind for a future girl doll of mine~ :D

    15. **grins** Yeah, tht's EXACTLY what I was thinking, too. And if she WILL work.... **swoons** Because my other thought, poseability-wise, was an SDC, and not only would that be REALLY costly, but it's also too small (almost for sure, though I'd have to wait on seeing pics of Mau on the DoD girl to be certain).
    16. Are they msd or sd sized?
    17. Thank you very much for your query.

      Only THAASA-body(girl body) is avalable now.
      But there is a little possibility that boy body would be successfully developed in the future.
      It would be SD13boy sized.
    18. Thank you very much for your query.

      It is old-SD13girl sized.
      West is smaller than old-SD13girl.
      Shoes are compatible.
    19. That would be one of the most wonderful things ever if you did make one. :daisy.
      Thank you!